Search Happenings

Posted by JC Longbottom, Marketing Analyst

From the Engines:

·         Yang steps down as Yahoo! CEO.

·         10 million LIFE photos added to Google Image Search.

·         Google’s Search-Based Keyword Tool: figure out what your customers are searching for.

Other Topics of Interest:

·         Search complements offline branding efforts.

·         Paid search best practices in the struggling economy.

·         7 signs your paid search campaign needs help.

·         Consumers plan to spend slightly more online this year.

Some Fun Stuff:

·         Search Happenings continues to cover the story of the man who mailed himself to freedom last week.  The creative criminal is still at large and authorities may issue an international warrant for his arrest.

·         Obama’s email quandary.

·         A flamingo fugitive.

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