Search Strategies to Reach Valentine’s Day Searchers

Today, Performics and BrightEdge released our official report on “Search Engine Marketing Strategies for Valentine's Day” (PDF).  We took an in-depth look at the top keywords related to Valentine’s Day, and found some really interesting results for online marketers engaged in PPC and SEO.
Key findings include:

  • We checked out 83 keywords associated with Valentine’s Day, and found that almost 80% of all searches were around the top 10 words. The top two keywords, “flowers” and “Valentine’s Day,” accounted for nearly half of all searches.
  • PPC gets very expensive around Valentine’s Day.  In 2010, for the top ten search terms, the CPC on February 12th increased 32x on average compared to February 1st.
  • Keywords like “delivery” and “cheap” that show clear searcher intent to buy increased the most in price. Additionally—branded keywords like “FTD Flowers” also dramatically increased.

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