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Posted by Jennifer Hyla, Director, SEO I had the opportunity to attend the Performics European SEO Team Training which was held in Warsaw Poland on April 24 and 25. This training included Performics SEO members from across Europe and the Middle East, hosted by Performics Worldwide.  The event was a two day training and knowledge share across the markets, which included best practices and case studies. Coming from an advanced market I was able to bring many ideas to the rest of the global team, but I also got a lot out of the meeting. There were some great SEO techniques which I was able to bring back to the US team; and, a number of tools that our team had not been exposed to in the past which we now have more insight into.  The global team has also created a number of resources that all markets, including the US, will be able to utilize. The meeting was a great opportunity for us to discuss our global clients. We were able to highlight what was working and put in place some fixes for what needed improvement. This type of collaboration will only make our Global SEO offering stronger. Jenn Hyla Post Pic Office Meeting   The training brought me and a longtime coworker (friend) Jonah A. Berger together to work side by side once again. Jonah worked in the Chicago office for five years before deciding to move to London and work for the Worldwide team. While in Warsaw Jonah was given the position of European SEO Coordinator – allowing him to closely work with the European markets to ensure this type of best practice and knowledge sharing continues year-round.   The Polish office made fantastic hosts. After the daily training they took us out for amazing Polish dinners accompanied with lots of Vodka, a late night bus tour of the city and a late night hookah bar. Overall it was a great experience and opportunity to meet more of the SEO Performics team!    

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