September: Digital Digest Feature

In the last few years, marketing organizations have shifted an unprecedented level of focus onto the consumer to win in an increasingly competitive, worldwide market. This trend is expected to continue, making it imperative that organizations understand the intentions of their target audience and build campaigns based on this knowledge. Please enjoy the following pieces that begin to unravel the complexities of the consumer and their intentions.

Global Digital Ad Spending

Digital ad spending as a percentage of total media ad spending is expected to increase worldwide in 2017, but there are nuances at the country level that are important to consider as well.

Who Are Sports Fans Really?

Google search trends from the 2016 Olympics revealed a number of insights about sports fans, including that they want to participate in the sports they watch and learn life hacks from their favorite athletes.

The Mobile Shopper’s Best Friend

Google survey results revealed that search is the primary mobile shopping tool utilized by smartphone users.

Is This Real Life?

An in-depth look into the latest virtual and augmented reality trends, such as the consumer’s preference for lower-cost options to engage with these experiences.

YouTube Intent

A comparison of the influence of YouTube personalities and stars of TV, film, sports and music, and the rationale behind why the consumer often aligns to the former.

Cash In A Snap

It is projected that Snapchat’s ad revenue will experience explosive growth over the next few years due to the platform’s popularity with younger generations.

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