Conversation to Commerce (C2C)

Conversation to Commerce (C2C) is our global platform that scales and transforms third-party influential content into display, social, e-commerce and native formats, increasing business outcomes for .coms and on commerce marketplaces.

How Does It Work?

  • First, C2C monitors and qualifies brand relevant third-party content. It then converts that content into display, social, e-commerce and native digital ads and assets
  • We then distribute C2C media ads with specific KPIs. We build a retargeting pool off of that exposure and engagement
  • We then retarget consumers, with a relevant brand message, to drive traffic to brand websites or direct commerce platforms, increasing conversions
  • We also embed earned content on brand websites or commerce platforms to drive conversions

C2C benefits include:

  • Measurable positive impact on brand reputation and perception
  • Drives consumers through the funnel 4.6X faster
  • Reduces content marketing expenses and improves media efficiencies across all KPIs
  • Increases engagement with 2X more time spent on C2C ads vs. traditional/brand ads
  • Delivers implicit third-party credibility and validation to brand products or services
  • Works across all major ad servers