Darwin: Search Marketing Suite

Darwin is the first and only web-based search optimization product suite designed to blend expertise in digital media optimization with algorithmic technology. Through bidding and budgeting features, media buyers can maximize performance for lead volume, profit and budget. Darwin is currently actively optimizing over $800 million in search marketing media.

How Does It Work?

Darwin first identifies the key strategies needed for a brand to drive business outcomes. It then overlays innovative, powerful and scalable technology over each strategy, equipping users to better optimize campaigns to those business outcomes:

  • Performance Diagnosis: Assessment of account health and opportunity
  • Yield Optimization: Bid and budget management of optimization touchpoints to outcomes
  • Scenario Planning: Identification of production levels on an account’s efficient frontier
  • Performance Monitor – Anomaly Detection: Detection of anomalous metric behavior, capitalizing on positive trends, while correcting for potentially harmful activity
  • Performance Monitor – Daily Pacing: Tracking performance pacing to goals and business objectives


Direct Response Client


Conversion Y/Y


Revenue Y/Y

Branding Client


Increase in Traffic


Decrease in average CPCs


Reduction in Optimization Hours

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