Discoverability Audit

Discoverability is our data-driven, quantitative search program evaluation. It determines the ease at which consumers can discover your brand, and delivers simple, strategic and actionable output to elevate your brand’s discoverability in all digital channels, and on all devices, including paid search, SEO and voice.

How Does It Work?

Our Discoverability Audit delivers clear, actionable, prioritized output on the top strategies and tactics required to improve performance for your brand. It consists of an intuitive scoring methodology, and provides a macro KPI to measure directional performance of campaigns, particularly brands that have few direct KPIs in search, like CPG. Discoverability can also be executed against your competitors, to understand how visible your brand is vs. your competitive set.

Our clients are leveraging Discoverability for initiatives like:

  • Account audits
  • Macro KPIs for branding campaigns
  • An illustrative tool for explaining complex digital concepts to stakeholders that don’t have digital media backgrounds
  • An optimization roadmap with clearly defined, objective and actionable outputs that highlight areas that need work, and where to build on a current advantage
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