Increases in Client’s Application Installs Amongst Mobile Users

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December 11, 2015
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December 11, 2015

Increases in Client’s Application Installs Amongst Mobile Users

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Increases in Client’s Application Installs Amongst Mobile Users


Our client is a food delivery company that recently upgraded its mobile application to deliver an enhanced food-ordering experience to its patrons. The application was the first of its kind, giving accurate delivery time estimates based on items ordered, customer location and delivery center. Our client sought to reach mobile audiences at peak times to increase intent and consideration in the brand’s various fast food options. The campaign goal was to increase application downloads, registrations and food orders.


Target audience included any mobile users with an interest in ordering fast food online.

Plan or Strategy

Performics executed strategies using channels like Facebook, Twitter, Google Search, Google Display Networks and affiliates. Food could only be ordered at specific locations, so the campaign was executed using geo-fenced advertisements that were served within a 5 to 10 km radius of store locations.

  • Menu-focused creatives were served, depending on the top performing menus in each city.
    • The creatives were also served based on the time of day, i.e. breakfast, lunch, dinner.
  • The brand invested in print and TV campaigns, allowing for modified bidding strategies depending on the calendar of offline activities.
    • Offline ads, online ads, and purchasing metrics had the ability to stand out and present familiarity.

Other strategies were also leveraged:

  • Remarketed to users who have installed the application to increase registrations, orders and repeat purchases
  • Uploaded customer database and ran custom audience campaigns to increase app downloads
  • Uploaded “look alike” audiences to increase scale
  • Remarketed to the “new mobile device” audiences to increase applications installs
  • Leveraged video ads on Facebook and Google


  • Application install for new customers increased by 111% within 5 months of campaign execution
  • 35%-45% increase in customers month over month
  • 700,000+ app installs

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