Support Guerilla Marketing with Paid Search

Posted by Jeff Licciardi, Account Manager & Brian Aubert, Account Director

Paid search is an important tool for maintaining the buzz of guerilla marketing efforts.  Specifically, four paid search opportunities nicely complement guerilla marketing campaigns.  These include mobile, local, the Content Network, and Facebook cost-per-click (CPC) ads:

Guerilla marketing is often place-based—a stunt, an event, a surprise appearance.  If people exposed to the guerilla campaign want to learn more, they often search Google on their iPhones, Blackberries, or other mobile devices.  Search engines are the first place consumers go to get information, and mobile is immediate gratification.  For instance, if a person is walking down the street and sees a crazy stunt, they’re likely to turn to their phone and start searching for keywords associated with the stunt to see exactly what’s going on.  Mobile search allows advertisers to capture this consumer interest where and when the stunt occurred.

Guerilla marketing is often location-based.  Therefore, advertisers can use paid search geotargeting to ensure that only people within the vicinity of the guerilla marketing campaign are exposed to search ads.  Advertisers should set geo parameters on their search campaigns prior to the stunt to better target their ads.  This ensures budget is not wasted in locations where the guerilla marketing campaign does not reach.

Content Network
We have found that content networking targeting is the best paid search complement to guerilla marketing.  For instance, it’s common for people to blog about guerilla marketing campaigns.  Content network advertisers can choose to run ads on blogs and other sites that mention keywords associated with the guerilla marketing campaign.  When people go to blogs to learn about the guerilla marketing event, they’ll see content ads associated with the event.

Facebook CPC Ads
Facebook CPC ads are also a good way to leverage local and content targeting to complement guerilla marketing campaigns.  For instance, an advertiser can target Facebook users based on their location, as well as based on keywords associated with the guerilla marketing campaign that users may have added to their profiles.  The advertiser can also set up a Facebook Fan Page for the guerilla event and then use “friends of connections” targeting to target the friends of the fans of the Fan Page.  It’s likely that people who are friends with people who liked the guerilla marketing campaign will like it too.

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