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No doubt about it, smartphones continue to increase in popularity, creating a great deal of new opportunities for advertisers. Specifically, the Hispanic market has eagerly jumped on the smartphone adoption bandwagon. In fact:

  • 45% of Hispanics own a smartphone (versus 34% of the general population)
  • 24% of iPhone users are Hispanic

Both of these facts are surprising and are contrary to many existing beliefs about the Hispanic market. They’re making their presence known, and they’re here to stay. Furthermore, Hispanics online presence is growing faster than any other group’s presence.  

Hispanics use their phones for a variety of purposes, including: 

  • 70% are actively using search, making Google one of the most visited websites
  • 40% are comparing prices and locating retailers

Comparing prices and locating retailers = purchase funnel. This is a huge opportunity to talk to them about your products and drive both online and offline traffic. Furthermore, from a local perspective, Mobile Search is a good way to support sponsorships or on-site events. You can provide engagement opportunities from a branding perspective and easily communicate any special offers.

Performics POV

At Performics, we’re seeing substantial paid search traffic increases within the Hispanic demographic.  For a number of clients—especially in the CPG and technology verticals—we’ve compared Hispanic desktop data to Hispanic mobile data.  We’re seeing that mobile is generating an overwhelming percentage of impressions and clicks.  In addition, the average mobile cost-per-click (CPC) is about half the average desktop CPC. Bigger splash. Lower cost.

Because of the growing number of smartphone users, building mobile-specific campaigns is a necessity to reach the Hispanic market.  You’ll want to create an English-targeted campaign and a Spanish-targeted campaign. More than 80% of Spanish queries are on Google’s main site.  But don’t discount Google’s Spanish site, my friends. Volume does not always ensure engagement. We’ve seen about 25% of overall clicks from Spanish queries come from Google’s Spanish site. As a result, the click-through-rates (CTRs) tend to be much higher on the Spanish site as well.

We’ve seen a great deal of searchers who were sent to the Spanish landing page end up converting on the English page.  Try an A/B split test to see how your traffic converts—send half of Spanish query clicks to your English site and the other half to your Spanish site.

Innovation on the Hispanic Mobile SERP Just As Important

There are many paid search innovation opportunities within the mobile search engine results page (SERP).  These features create a more customized experience for users, including Hispanics:

  • Mobile Sitelinks: Adding sitelinks to Hispanic mobile campaigns can help boost your CTR.  Spanish-targeted campaigns have seen the most success from sitelink implementation. To start, leave specific product names in English but put more generic terms (ie. Free Shipping) in Spanish.
  • Click-to-call: This feature enables users to easily call when they see an ad.
  • Hyperlocal Ad Formats: This format gives users the exact distance and directions to the nearest location.
  • Offer Ads: Google Offers beta—similar to Groupon and LivingSocial—provides people with daily deals and coupons. Subscribers pre-pay for the one-time offer and redeem at the retailer.  Google Offers can be integrated into top-sponsored mobile paid search ads.  Searchers are able to redeem their offer by entering a promo code online, printing an in-store shopping pass or showing their mobile device to an in-store cashier to scan the offer’s barcode.

For the Hispanic market, mobile search is a huge opportunity for advertisers.  The first step is to start understanding their search habits, purchase patterns, and the opportunities available to you as an advertiser.

Source: Google: U.S. Hispanics 2010, October 2010, OTX


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July 6, 2011

Mobile Search and the Hispanic Market: Opportunities for Engagement

Posted by Claire Doiron, Associate Account Manager No doubt about it, smartphones continue to increase in popularity, creating a great deal of new opportunities for advertisers. […]

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