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Post by Brett Wagner, Senior Media Manager

Today, social media is ubiquitous and it seems every social networking platform is looking to monetize its services to become another channel for marketers to reach their customers. One platform in particular that is positioned to make some waves in the advertising space is Pinterest. If you are a foodie searching for a new recipe, or fashionista looking to spruce up your wardrobe, you’ve undoubtedly spent some time on Pinterest.

With an abundance of content around all types of categories, Pinterest ads have the potential to reach users across all demographics. Similar to other social platforms offering advertising services, Pinterest has a proprietary user interface (UI) which allows marketers to build out, launch and manage their advertising campaigns.


Here is what brands can expect once they are ready to dive into the Pinterest UI and launch a Promoted Pin:

  • A user-friendly platform:
    • The social platform has an extremely intuitive UI that is easy to navigate and does not overwhelm with unnecessary bells and whistles
    • The home screen has 3 reporting tabs you can drill into which include (1) a main dashboard with overall performance, (2) a graph with adjustable metric dropdowns and (3) a table with campaign specific performance

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  • A simple launch process:
    • By clicking the “Promote” button in the UI- brands can begin a simple 3 step process to get their first campaign up and running:
      • 1 – Choose your campaign type (boost engagement or website traffic), set flight dates and daily budget
      • 2 – Pick a Pin to promote
      • 3 – Set targeting settings (keywords, locations, languages, devices and gender)

While Pinterest’s UI has many strengths, there are areas that could be improved to help advertisers run the most effective Pinterest campaigns and increase investment on the platform:

  • Less restrictive editorial policies. Currently its policies include:
    • No call-to-actions (CTAs)
    • No promos, sales, discounts or prices
    • Only 1 hashtag per Pin
  • A quicker approval process:
    • Promoted Pins can take anywhere from 1 – 2 full days to get an approved status and there is no workaround
  • Better data pulls:
    • While most UIs allow for additional filters and segments to get as granular as possible before exporting a data report, Pinterest does not have these features and defaults to a day segment in your report for whatever date range you choose
  • Ability for bulk edits and uploads:
    • There is no ability to bulk upload or edit campaigns and/or Pins so prepare yourself for some tedious manual work within the UI
    • Even something as simple as copying over an existing campaign to conserve the targeting settings is not an option at this point – brands must create everything from scratch and manually add-in each setting one by one (other than keywords) for each Pin you promote


Similar to all social platforms in their early-stages of advertising capabilities, Pinterest is definitely still working out the kinks- but seem well aware of their limitations. Don’t be surprised if these are resolved within the very near future. Despite some of the UI limitations, Pinterest is a viable option to raise awareness or drive site traffic across many verticals.

Happy Pinning!

July 30, 2015

What Brands Can Expect from Pinterest’s User Interface

Post by Brett Wagner, Senior Media Manager Today, social media is ubiquitous and it seems every social networking platform is looking to monetize its services to become […]

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