The Benefits of Bidding on Brand Terms

Posted by Isiah Drake, Manager, Bid Strategy Team

Many advertisers speculate if it is worth their marketing dollars to bid on their own brand terms. They often question if the benefits of bidding on brand terms will outweigh the costs and positively impact their return on investment (ROI)?

At Performics, we strongly encourage our clients to invest in their brand terms. Our experience with bidding on brand terms has shown that just by being present in paid search listings there is a rise in clicks. These highly visible terms not only aid in lifting traffic to an advertiser’s site, which in most cases leads to higher conversion rates, but also drive brand awareness in a highly competitive marketplace. Brand keywords provide the ability to get really aggressive with high volume generic terms that may not convert well but have an indirect ROI (return on investment) that may be beneficial in long term strategy.

As proven in a recent “Brand Value of Search” study conducted by Google (July 2008), there is a consistent lift across multiple brand measures when a brand appears in the paid search listings.

“Brand presence anywhere in the search engine results pages (SERPs) impacts key brand metrics among target consumers, even for established brands. Paid search as a branding vehicle drives top of mind awareness for your brand and negatively impacts awareness for your competitive set. Impressions provide a “free” brand lift, without the CPC investment.”

Our search specialists have had great success with bidding on brand terms and recommend the following paid search tactics:

·         Build out robust keyword lists for brand terms, incorporating plurals, misspellings and description variations.

·         Couple brand terms with generic terms to expand an advertiser’s reach among competitors.

·         Utilize advanced technology such as DART Search to ensure optimal positions and minimum/maximum bids within an established budget.

·         Conduct tests on the new lists of brand terms and measure cost per action (CPAs); also compare these terms to the natural search metrics.

·         Calculate the quantifiable impact made by the brand terms using the before and after metrics to ensure that they are cost-effective.

·         Insert brand descriptions throughout the advertiser’s ad and Web site copy to increase visibility and relevancy. Additionally, insert sub brands to generate more brand awareness.

·         Leverage brand-specific landing pages that provide consumers with the most relevant content.

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