The Collaboration between TV and Search

Post by Rob Kolis, Senior Media Manager

As a performance marketing agency, our main focus is digital. But, we have made integrating old media, by syncing TV and Search, a priority in order to capture additional traffic and increase search engagement.

Recently, we’ve utilized TV vendors such as TVTY or WYWY to capture search behavior when it matters most, as well as change bids or activate campaigns at the optimal times.

An example of this would be a typical Sunday afternoon when most people are at home watching live television programs such as NFL games or broadcast sitcoms. In recent years, people are no longer only watching TV on their flat screen. Consumers now have their cellphones out, with their tablet on their lap, and a laptop open on their living room table.

According to a 2015 Nielsen study, 58% of the respondents claim they browse the internet while watching video programming, and another 47% say they engage with social media while watching the same programming. Based on this information, we can tell that there is a lot of cross media consumption taking place that search marketers can take advantage of, in order to capture their target audience when it matters most.

Making TV and Search Work Together

With the addition of new TV and Search vendors in the marketplace such as TVTY and WYWY, we should be syncing our search campaigns when appropriate. Although many people may not remember specifics about a brand after viewing a commercial, they will most likely remember the brand itself along with related products or solutions. Therefore it is very important when syncing search campaigns with TV, to include a robust keyword list of top volume brand and non-brand keywords to capture the most important traffic.

To explain how this process would work, we can use the vendor TVTY as an example:

Their technology monitors live events such as TV commercials and then triggers respective search campaigns in real time. Their proprietary platform is capable of monitoring all live commercials across the country which are then stored in their internal database for monitoring. Once the associated commercials for a specific brand have been detected, search campaigns can be synced across different UI’s (Google AdWords, DoubleClick, Marin, etc.) to increase bids, or activate specific campaigns.

Based on the results from CPG brands campaign in 2015, we recommend increasing bids for search campaigns between 15-30 minutes after a brands TV commercial airs. The assumption is that during that time period, people who have just watched a brand’s commercial are much more likely to then conduct a search for a brand or related generic keyword, and look for additional information afterwards. We launched TVTY tests across CPG brands during Q4 of 2015. After utilizing TVTY for the client, the team saw a 50% higher CTR and 39% more efficient CPCs as a result of launching the test.

The end goal for this TV and Search strategy is to be prepared for all ways that consumers may be searching in today’s evolving technological landscape, and capture traffic that will hopefully yield positive results for your brand. To learn more about TV and Search, contact your Performics account team today.



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