The First Real Smartwatch and Russell Simmons? Performics at CES: Day 2

We walked the CES floor yesterday, and choose two "must-sees" to share!

Have you heard of i'm Watch? They call themselves the "first real smartwatch". We can't say for certain if that's true, but at the price of $389 you can have a pretty neat watch. This device (in addition to telling time) uses Bluetooth for full phone app integration, and brings you calls and emails. For details:

The LG OLED TVs are on display, boasting 55 inch screens! Their website says "OLED uses an organic substance that glows when an electronic current is introduced." With no backlight needed for this screen, and being only 4mm thick, LG is truly changing world of television.

Today we recommend you stop by the massive LG 3D video wall on display. Trust us, it is beyond your imagination. There are two SuperSessions that look especially intriguing: Mega Trends and Mobile First World at 10:30 AM (LVCC, North Hall -N255) and The Brand Matters Superssion at 3 PM (LVH Theater). And, if you aren't too tired from last night's events you might try to attend the What HI-FI awards, or the Kingston Mixer — details at

We will be back on the floor today, with more pictures on our Instagram. If you have a chance, check out yesterday's pictures, we had a surprise celebrity moment with Russell Simmons!

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