The Scoop on Google’s Recent Quality Score Enhancements

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September 11, 2008
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September 18, 2008

The Scoop on Google’s Recent Quality Score Enhancements

Posted by Stephanie Norman, Manager, Strategic Partnerships

Google is in the process of replacing their static per-keyword Quality Scores with a new system. Now, each time an ad matches a search query, Google will evaluate that ad’s quality. 

What Does the Mean for Advertisers?

Say you have a keyword with a low Quality Score which kept that keyword from getting in any auction.  Now that keyword is eligible to enter auctions for each search query if it’s new dynamic Quality Score is high enough.  For instance, you could have a keyword that performs better in a certain auction, such as a location, content network site, or specific query, that could now have a high enough Quality Score to enter that auction.

You’ll soon notice these changes in your AdWords account:

·         You won’t see keywords that appear “inactive for search.”

·         You won’t see minimum bids since they’re no longer static.

·         As a replacement for minimum bids, you’ll see “first page bids” to give bidding guidance.  “First page bid” is the estimated bid needed to get your ad on page one.

Things to Keep in Mind

·         Any keywords in your account that had low Quality Scores (causing them to be inactive for search) are now active.  If relevant, these keyword should be optimized.  If not, they should be paused or deleted.

·         Just because all active keywords are now eligible for an auction doesn’t mean your ad will get in.  The keywords will be dynamically evaluated for each search query and only get in auctions where they are likely to perform.

·         AdWords API is working on showing the first page bids, while also continuing to support minimum bids. Timing is TBD.

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