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The Performics Weekly Digital Digest provides a recap of this week’s latest digital news. The news covered each week may vary, due to new trends and hot topics continuously emerging. Performics Authored

  • Google to Shut Down Google Affiliate Network (GAN): Considerations for Advertisers
    • Advertisers currently on GAN should take this opportunity to consider what type of affiliate model may be best going forward.
      • Performics provides an “agency model,” which features an outside agency team (us)—rather than the internal affiliate network team—servicing the client and representing its best interests.
    • Advertisers should also consider using separate affiliate tracking technology.
      • Emerging affiliate tracking platforms are more advanced (and cheaper) than affiliate network technologies.
    • Advertisers should take this opportunity to evaluate affiliate’s relationship with other channels.
      • Performics can help leverage a cross-channel approach where affiliate, search, product listing ads (PLAs), display and social programs are holistically managed.
  • Performics Q1 Benchmarking Report
    • Q1 benchmarks and trends across paid search, mobile search, product listing ads (PLAs), social & display. 
    • Performics Q1 Report tracks spend, impressions, clicks, CPCs and CTRs, as well as Q1 innovations from the engines, social networks and display exchanges. 
  • Boosting YouTube Visibility with Comments
    • Comments are important for search visibility:
      • Comments tell YouTube that your content was engaging enough to inspire viewers to remark on it.
      • Comments increase the amount of text on the page that search engines can index.
    • How to get YouTube comments:
      • Ask for comments in the description. Try posting a question to your viewers that connects with their sensibilities and invites an answer.
      • Post content that provokes a response. As a very simple example, many videos that prominently feature cats will get comments just because there are a lot of people that like cats.
      • Post back occasionally and answer the most interesting comments. 

Channel Insights Video

  • Adobe Report: The U.S. Digital Video Benchmark
    • Mobile video views jumped 300% last year, accounting for 10.4% of video starts, up from just 3% in 2011. Tablets are fueling the growth.
    • Tablets see heavy usage on the weekends with Saturdays producing 16% and Sundays producing 17% of tablet video starts.
    • Twitter, though it sends just 16% of video social referrals, is three times more likely to generate referral traffic for videos than other content on media sites.
    • Mid-roll ads had the highest completion rate at nearly 90% in 2012. Yet, post-roll ads generated three times higher CTRs than pre- and mid-roll ads.


  • Forrester Report: Why Google – Not Facebook – Will Build the Database of Affinity
    • “Database of Affinity” – A catalog of people’s tastes and preferences, collected by observing their social behaviors (i.e. talking about things, reviewing things, and engaging in other online social interactions)
    • Why Google will beat Facebook in building the Database of Affinity:
      • Google possesses a broader set of affinity data –Google tracks what 800 million YouTube visitors watch and what they like monthly; the Google search index includes almost every review posted on any site online; the contents of billions of blog posts; and nearly everything posted on Twitter.
      • Google’s better at bringing meaning to data – Google dynamically evaluates enormous amounts of data to figure out what content people most want to see.
      • Google’s got the ad units that put affinity data to work – Google can deliver pre-rolls to hundreds of millions of YouTube users every month.
      • Performics employees access full report here.
  • AV-TEST Study: Bing, Google, Advertisers Seriously Impacted By Malware
    • Microsoft’s search engine Bing returns in queries five times as many Web sites containing malware as Google.
    • Google achieved the best results — or lowest count — in the study analyzing 40 million Web sites during 18 months.
    • The increase in malware also results in a continually growing number of infected Web sites.


  • eMarketer: Which Enhanced Tablet Ads Get the Highest Marks?
    • Banner to full-page ad, pre-roll with overlay ad and rich media interstitial ad showed the greatest lift across specific metrics, compared with the standardized version of each of these ad types.
    • At a clickthrough rate (CTR) of 8.7%, the banner to full-page ad’s clickthrough performance on tablets was more than four times greater than the static web banner.
    • For engagement as well, the banner to full-page ad performed 127% better than the benchmark web banner.
  • Accenture: 49% of Participants desire seamless store, digital, mobile experience
    • 89% of survey respondents said that it is important for retailers to let them shop for products in the way that is most convenient for them, no matter which channel they choose.
    • 74% said online shopping is easy and only 26% found mobile shopping easy.
    • 73% of consumers expect a retailer’s online pricing to be the same as its in-store pricing, and 61% expect a retailer’s online promotions to be the same as its in-store promotions.


  • Twitter Grabs Onto Real-Time Ad Targeting, Social Marketing
    • Twitter introduced keyword ad targeting which gives brands the ability to target ads based on words in tweets, similar to the way Google does in search engine queries.
    • Twitter believes the real-time feature will improve the experience with ads, as users see more relevant Promoted Tweets.
    • The service will roll out across Twitter’s ad network, supporting 15 languages in all markets where it serves ads –including on mobile devices, which analysts believe will soon contribute the majority of the site’s revenue.

Global Insights EMEA

  • NY Times: Europeans Reach Deal With Google on Searches
    • Google agrees to clearly label search results from its own properties, like Google Plus Local or Google News, and in some cases to show links from rival search engines.
      • About 86 percent of all online searches in Europe are conducted using Google, according to the Web analyst comScore. In the United States, it has about two-thirds of the market.
    • In areas where Google sells ads, like local business reviews, it will show links to at least three competitors. In areas in which all search results are paid ads, like shopping, Google will auction links to rivals.
  • Kantar Research: Men lead the way in mobile shopping
    • In Germany, the proportion of men using phones to buy was 5%, compared to just 1.9% of women.
    • The country with the greatest percentage of men buying was the US, where 15.9% did so, against a figure of 13.3% of women.
    • In France, 13% of mobile shoppers said they tended to spend money without thinking, compared to 6% of the general population. In Brazil, the comparable figures were 36% and 29%

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