Think Dashboards to Keep Your Eye on the Big Picture

Posted by Tara Kryck, Group Account Director


Often times, marketers get lost in the weeds when it comes to analyzing performance reports.  This can cause them to lose sight of the bigger goals and data points critical to the bottom line.  To help prevent this, I recommend utilizing both a short-term and long-term performance tracking dashboard.  Both dashboards should include pre-determined KPIs– trends of actionable data that key stakeholders really care about.  Search marketing reporting tools must be highly advanced and allow for deep visibility into trends to uncover hidden opportunities from insights into searcher behavior.  At the same time, this data needs to be transformed into easily understandable, executive-friendly business dashboards.  Intuitive dashboard views of particular key metrics empower marketers to make well-informed optimization decisions quickly.  Dashboards also facilitate identifying and correcting performance trends before they become an issue. 

To save time and energy, gain buy-in from key stakeholders upfront on exactly what metrics will be tracked on the dashboards.  In addition, publish dashboard views out to all stakeholders on a consistent, pre-determined schedule.  With good planning, a reporting strategy that incorporates dashboards will save time and energy, empower stakeholders with key data points, and keep you focused on the big picture.

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