Top 5 Insights from Digital Hollywood (Advanced Analytics & Contextual Media Panel)

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May 2, 2011
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May 11, 2011

Top 5 Insights from Digital Hollywood (Advanced Analytics & Contextual Media Panel)

On May 6th, Performics CEO Daina Middleton moderated a panel at Digital Hollywood on Advanced Analytics and Contextual Media.  Panelists included:

  • Jeff Smith, SVP, Marketing and Client Services, Vizu Corp
  • Andrew Lerner, Co-Founder, Trust Metrics
  • Nick Pahade, CEO, TRAFFIQ
  • David Kopp, SVP Adv & Network Services, Healthline Networks
  • Michael Benedek, President, Data Division, AlmondNet
  • Shaukat Shamim, CEO and Co-Founder, Buysight

We’ve aggregated the top 5 insights that came out of the panel.  Enjoy! 1. When it comes to digital marketing, Hollywood is progressive: Hollywood is investing in targeting, CRM, rich media, interactive media, search and social.  For instance, movie studios now have the ability to buy top-position Google paid search ads that promote trailers within the ad (screenshot below).  The only thing holding Hollywood back is the short shelf-life of its products. Thor screeshot 2. The pure definition of TV has changed: TV is now an extension of the Internet.  Mobile, desktop, and TV are all connected.  The problem is that with so many different technologies, the user experience may suffer.  When connectivity between devices is solved in a user-experience kind of way, cross-channel advertising will be more efficient. 3. Context is key: The one thing that marketers can do better around data and targeting is to always have a keen understanding of context. 4. Support TV ad buys with search: You don’t want to be like a certain German care company, who ran a brilliant ad during the Super Bowl but didn’t support it with a paid search buy.  GM saw the ad and midway through the Super Bowl bought keywords associated with the ad, capitalizing on the demand that the German company created.  Just because a brand uses TV to create search demand doesn’t mean that brand has a right to those searchers; the brand must still compete with its rivals on the search engine results page (SERP). 5. Is it the year of mobile?:  It’s the year for mobile search.  It’s the year for direct marketing via mobile (i.e. using mobile to drive searchers to purchase in store and out).  But it’s not yet the year for mobile brand advertising. Bookmark and Share

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