Tough Economy Drives More People to Social Networking

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September 22, 2008
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September 24, 2008

Tough Economy Drives More People to Social Networking

Posted by Michael Kahn, VP of Account Management & Marketing

As consumers think about their jobs and employment, they will increase their time networking online.

In unstable times, more and more people will log time on LinkedIn, Facebook and other social sites, updating their profiles, making connections and exploring options for the future.

Now could be a good time for certain kinds of advertisers to pursue advertising and sponsorships on social networking sites or increase their investments if they’re already placing ads on these sites. These could be employers seeking college grads, education companies helping folks get their degrees or get retrained, financial services firms selling secure investments and brands offering good values on all kinds of products to the youth market, moms or the professional set.

Through 2008, Performics has seen success for advertisers investing in this channel and creating/executing performance-based programs. These programs go beyond brand engagement to driving leads and sales for direct marketers and retailers.

Year over Year Unique Visitor Growth for the Major Networking Sites

According to Google, both Facebook and LinkedIn have more than tripled their daily unique visitors year over year:



In addition, the traditional year-end drop in search volume for the term “jobs” isn’t happening this year.  And probably won’t.


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