TREND: Interactive Preview Windows in Natural Search

Have you ever clicked on a link on a search engine results page only to discover that the site is not at all what you wanted? A new innovation prevents this dead-end clicking.  Instant preview windows have been available on Google and Bing for months, but new add-ons now provide for a more interactive pre-click experience.  Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome have adapted these add-ons:

Cool Previews for Mozilla Firefox: mouse over any link and a preview of the site pops up.  Unlike an instant preview snapshot, these previews actually allow for an interactive media experience.  Fully customizable, searchers can control the settings of preview pages.  Bookmark and stack the preview pages for convenient searching:

Cool Previews 

ezLinkPreview for Google Chrome: an “EZ” icon pops up when you mouse over a link.  Clicking on it shows the page in a separate, dragable and resizable box or a split screen.  These pages can then be bookmarked or sent to a Google Reader: 

As interactive preview window add-ons gain popularity, search engine marketers must consider how their pages are appearing in the windows.  This is often the difference between whether searchers visit your site or not.  Marketers should marry landing page optimization best practices with SEO to engage searchers to interact with a page.

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