TREND: Mobile Shopping Apps Change Shopping Experience

With the back-to-school season quickly approaching, shoppers can take advantage of a variety of mobile apps to enhance their shopping experiences.  Innovations in mobile shopping apps include:

 Mobile Apps 
Barcode Scanners – Comparison shoppers delight in smartphone apps such as Google Shopper or eBay Mobile.  These apps include a barcode scanner so people can actually scan the barcode at the store and find product reviews and deals online. 

Virtual Mannequins – Why waste time trying on clothes?  The app Divalicious allows shoppers to upload an image of themselves and try on products virtually.  This app serves as a “personal shopper” as it also suggests outfits and accessories.

Location Based Deals – Don’t go far for the best deals.  Using your phone’s GPS, apps such as Groupon, Placecast, and WHERE Deal Alerts determine the user’s location and display relevant nearby deals.     

Self Checkout – Never wait in a line again! Sounds too good to be true, but the app AisleBuyer actually allows for shoppers to checkout anywhere in the store using the scanner on the app. 

Rewards Programs – Get rewarded for just walking into a store. Shopkick gives you “kicks” (rewards) every time you shop.  Redeem these kicks for gift cards, restaurant vouchers, movie tickets or donate the money to a cause. 


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