Twitter Continues to become more Performance-Focused with New Objective-Based Campaigns

Social is no longer just a channel for branding; it can be used to drive measurable leads, sales and actions. A major 2014 trend in social has been the release of more performance-based opportunities. Recent performance opportunities include Twitter click-to-call ads to foster local traffic, as well as Twitter and Facebook “Buy Now” buttons for real-time social ecommerce. And now, Twitter has announced new objective-based ad pricing options for advertisers—called objective-based campaigns. Previously, advertisers could only purchase ads on a cost-per-engagement (CPE) model or cost-per-follower (CPF) model. Now, advertisers can align advertising spend directly with specific Twitter performance objectives (gain followers, website clicks and conversions, Tweet engagements, app installs or app engagements, or leads). twitter objective-based campaign SOCIAL PERFORMANCE APPROACH It’s time for advertisers to take a performance approach to social media by leveraging new opportunities like objective-based campaigns. Like paid search, advertisers can now set and manage to specific performance goals. On Twitter, advertisers can now:

  1. Chose a Campaign Objective: Followers, clicks, conversions, engagement, downloads, leads
  2. Select an Ad Format: Once an advertiser selects its custom goal, Twitter will recommend the best ad format based on the campaign objective
  3. Customize Reporting: Twitter is customizing reporting metrics to align with campaign objectives, making it easier for advertisers to optimize per campaign goal

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