Twitter Launches Click-to-Call Beta: A New Direct Response Opportunity for Advertisers

Twitter is currently testing a new click-to-call beta, eligible to all Twitter advertisers.  The click-to-call beta functions similar to Google’s ad extension, mobile click-to-call, which allows users to call a business directly with one click from the search engine results page (SERP). The Twitter click-to-call beta is a new form of Twitter’s Lead Generation Card, which enables lead collection directly within the body of a tweet, once expanded.  The click-to-call button will show in the customizable call-to-action feature in the tweet: Twitter screenshot_V2*Image courtesy of Twitter PERFORMANCE IMPLICATIONStwitter quote This new beta is significant because, historically, Twitter has primarily focused its ad offerings on brand awareness, not direct response.  Click-to-call now gives local advertisers new opportunities to connect with their followers in a more direct way.  Local advertisers have already been successfully engaging their followers organically on Twitter, like tweeting to them to alert them of product offerings, locations and promotions. In particular, local advertisers like food trucks have been leveraging Twitter to alert users of locations and daily specials.  Now, click-to-call gives these advertisers a new paid opportunity to engage followers. The Power of Click-to-Call In paid search, click-to-call has historically been one of the most effective ad extensions in increasing user engagement—that’s why we’re excited that it’s coming to Twitter.  For one Performics paid search client, we saw a 102% lift in click-through rate (CTRs) post launching click-to-call (for more details, please see our post on how mobile click-to-call in paid search boosted ad performance).  Increased CTRs in paid search via click-to-call also improves Quality Score, thus lowering CPCs. mobile click to call increase Perhaps most significantly, click-to-call enables advertisers to bridge the gap between online and offline (e.g. we see exactly how many phone calls to the physical location are generated from click-to-call ads).  This also applies to Twitter, where click-to-call will enable advertisers to visualize just how effective Twitter advertising can be in driving offline actions, like phone calls. Click-to-call is an exciting new opportunity for advertisers on Twitter. As we have seen with paid search, it’s a small button that drives big results. With over 645 million active Twitter users, there is untapped potential for direct engagement between businesses and users. Local businesses in particular can utilize this new beta to help reach direct response goals on Twitter, in addition to their branding goals.

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