Twitter Rolls Out New Ads Editor: New Opportunity for Bulk Campaign Management & Optimizations

Post by Lea Anderson, Media Manager, and Lauren Claps, Media Manager

In early August, Twitter began rolling out its bulk editing tool called Twitter Ads Editor. The new tool is meant to help advertisers manage campaigns at scale. More advertisers are looking to connect with their target audiences via social, and the ability to build out robust campaigns with nimble reporting is key for incremental investment from brands.


Before Twitter Ads Editor, the ad creation process was very manual and time consuming.  Campaigns could only be created on an individual basis within the Twitter Ads user interface (UI).  With the launch of this new feature, users are able to create, manage and optimize campaigns in Excel spreadsheets and upload in bulk. This is a more efficient process for large advertisers to manage campaigns at scale.

Benefits for Advertisers

As Twitter’s ad editor rolls out of beta, all advertisers will benefit from the following capabilities:

  • Compatible with Microsoft Excel: This is important as most data management platforms (DMPs) are Excel compatible. It’s a proven method for quick and easy bulk changes to campaigns.
  • Bulk Editing: Advertisers can now edit all aspects of existing campaigns at scale, such as end dates and budgets
  • Campaign Structure: Create new campaigns at ease for optimal precision with a simple copy/paste of a pre-existing campaign shell, creating a unique name and removing the campaign ID
  • Easy-to-Use Template: Twitter’s column headers provided in its Excel export sheet give clear direction of formatting and requirements for each column
  • Required Targeting Specifications: Campaigns uploaded at scale will all have specified targeting columns that require usage of targeting IDs for interest, location, device/carriers/events/behaviors

The Performics POV

Twitter Ads Editor is intuitive and easy to use.  A major benefit of this tool is the time it saves: Instead of clicking into each campaign, waiting for the page to load and making edits/copying the campaign, the Excel export allows users to make several different changes across multiple campaigns (in one step) with a seamless upload process.

This tool will create new utility to build out scaled Twitter tests with greater ease. Advertisers will be in a better position to test paid advertising, such as Promoted Tweets creative and copy, due to less time spent implementing new ads and campaigns. Importantly, there will be quicker turn-around time when launching new ads around time-sensitive deals.  This will create new opportunity surrounding testing, targeting and bidding strategies with more frequent optimizations.

Wishlist for Future Capabilities

While the benefits are easily understood for larger advertisers who manage campaigns at scale, Twitter Ads Editor won’t be a game changer for smaller accounts or brands with several accounts. The tool is only able to edit or create new campaigns in bulk within one account, so for brands that have multiple handles (think localized content) this tool won’t be the answer to your problems.

We would like to see Twitter release a reporting solution for brands that run across multiple Twitter handles. Ultimately, the goal should be to create a reporting synergy, such as a My Client Center (MCC), that enables bulk imports and exports across localized Twitter handles. This update would help brands gain greater efficiencies and improve optimizations across multiple handles.

For more information on Twitter Ads Editor, contact your Performics Performance Media team today.

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