Using CPC Caps to Limit Expensive Broad-Matching

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July 7, 2008
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July 10, 2008

Using CPC Caps to Limit Expensive Broad-Matching

Posted by Chris Beck, Program Manager (Paid Search)

CPC caps act as a precaution for overspending on expensive paid search keywords.  Brand specific click stream data can be very helpful in identifying CPC caps for your campaign.  Many instances of broad matching come from queries not indicated in search query reports.  These queries are listed in the “other” category and it’s possible that CPCs for these unidentifiable keywords are excessively high.  Using known CPC information from the search query report and the live keywords in the brand campaign, it’s possible to determine a CPC limit that eliminates instances of broad matching for queries with excessively high CPCs.  This includes keywords within the “other” category of the search query report.  Setting appropriate CPC caps for broad-matched keywords can make a significant difference in terms of ROI for your paid search campaign.

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