Valentine’s Day Searcher Insights

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, which means everyone is scrambling to plan last minute dates and buy thoughtful gifts. We compiled statistics and data, allowing us to learn a little more about how consumers spend their romantic holiday.

Valentine’s Day is not a hugely pre-planned holiday.

People’s search interest in Valentine’s Day starts picking up towards the end of January:

VD 1Source: Google Trends, Past 30 days ending 2/10/16

People aren’t in a rush for Valentine’s Day; although users start searching at the end of January, searches don’t truly pick up until early February. Consumers are likely taking their time planning for the holiday and shopping for gifts.

There are certain states who love – LOVE more than others.

And it looks like it’s mostly the Midwest, with a couple East Coast states in the mix, which can only mean the Southern states and the West Coast are lagging behind in interest.

Top 7 states with the highest search volume around Valentine’s Day

VD 3

Source: Google Trends, Past 30 days ending 2/10/16

Advice for ideas and gifts is sought out the most.

Who else did you expect consumers to turn to for advice? None other than Google. Most consumers seek ideas for planning and gifting around this time, which gives brands the perfect opportunity to research, learn about their audience, and target ads they can benefit from.

Top search queries around Valentine’s Day

VD 2

Source: Google Trends, Past 30 days ending 2/10/16

Love isn’t priceless.

Consumers are pretty frugal this year. People plan to spend less than $50 for Valentine’s Day.

Based on eMarketer data, 45% of consumers plan to spend less than $50 and only 29% plan to spend between $51 and $100.

VD 4

There you have it – Valentine’s Day celebrators are shopping last minute and spending less. Oh – and they tend to live in the Midwest. Insights like this help us better understand consumer intent and how people spend their money during holidays.


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