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  • eMarketer Report: Mobile Advertising in Retail: Tracking the Changing Purchase Path
    • This year, the US retail industry is expected to spend $2.1 billion on mobile marketing, up more than 50% from 2012.
    • Approximately 120.1 million shoppers-63.4% of digital shoppers-have moved at least part of their shopping to mobile devices to browse for new deals, research their options or buy a product.
    • Mobile generated nearly $42 billion in mcommerce last year, but tablets are driving growth; Tablets often hold the shoppers’ attention through long stretches of the purchase cycle.
    • Performics employees can access the full report here.
  • Marin Software: Tablet, Laptop Search Conversions Beginning To Look Similar
    • CTRs on tablets this year narrowed to 27% higher than desktop, compared with 51% in 2012 — even as smartphone CTRs rose from 82% to 88%.
    • Tablets took a greater share of the search budget this year. Tablets took 11.75%; smartphones, 12.58%; and desktop, 75.67% this year, compared with 7.19%, 7.68%, and 85.12%, respectively.
    • The cost per click (CPC) for smartphones came in at 39% lower than desktop in 2012 during the nine weeks following the change, compared with an increase of 26% lower than desktop CPCs in 2013.
    • In 2013, CPCs for desktops came in at 1.00; smartphones, 0.74; and tablets, 0.87. In 2012, those numbers were 1.00, 0.61, and 0.87, respectively.


  • Facebook: Facebook to track screen cursors?
    • The technology works on the assumption that while a user is apparently aimlessly working their computer mouse or touchpad, pondering where to click next, their your brain is actually making many choices at a time.
    • The captured information will be stored in data banks, with immediate access “throughout the company.”
  • Twitter’s new expanded image feature is not pleasing everyone
    • The most common criticism of the new Twitter feature is that it looks too much like Facebook for some users.
    • Many users who don’t like the new Twitter feature seemed irritated mostly by the fact that the service used to be so easy to scan – since it was primarily text – and that the new version is cluttered and noisy.
    • The volume of images is too much and users feel like they are forced to unfollow many accounts just to get their feed under control.


  • Bing, Twitter Renew Deal To Include Tweets In Search Results
    • Bing has announced a renewal of its long-standing deal with Twitter to include tweets in Bing’s search results.
    • Tweets are primarily available and searchable at Bing’s social search page, bing.com/social, but they’re also showing up in Bing’s main search results.


  • Adobe reads the crystal ball for 2013 online shopping season
    • Adobe Predicts this year will see the highest-ever online spending during the US holiday season, and Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday will break records.
    • Adobe estimates that Cyber Monday shopping will be up 15%, Black Friday will be up 17%, and Thanksgiving will shoot up 21%.
    • Adobe forecasts Cyber Monday spending to break more than $2.27 billion in the highest single US online shopping day ever.
    • In a survey, consumers told Adobe they will shop 40% more this year from their mobile device. Many shoppers will also search for more deals via their smartphone.
  • Nielsen’s 2013 Holiday Spending Forecast
    • Nearly one quarter (22%) of U.S. consumers report that they’ve already started their holiday shopping.
    • Holiday shoppers are also procrastinators, as 60% say they will wait a bit before they start their shopping.
    • Shoppers say they plan on giving gift cards, tech products, toys and food this year. Consumers also say they are planning on spending more this year on food, clothing, video games and cookware.
    • 17% of consumers say they are planning on increasing their online shopping this season in households earning $100,000 or more per year. 20% of consumers in this group say they’re going to spend more online, compared with 15% among consumers in households earning $50,000 or less.

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  • Mashable: Wanelo Takes the Search out of Online Shopping
    • Wanleo has over 200,000 brands, which range from tiny Etsy sellers to larger brands, both low-end and high-end.
    • This is a unique shopping experience that allows shoppers to optimize their shopping on a single platform, with a continual update of their feed.
    • Wanelo recently launched a mobile app due to user feedback.
    • Now, users on Twitter are talking about using Wanelo for Christmas, saying things like, “Don’t even ask me what I want for the holidays – just go to my Wanelo.” So [Wanleo] is about to release a gift registry feature called “Wanelo for the Holidays” that makes it really easy to share profiles and holiday wish list with friends and family.

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  • MediaPost: Endorsements Don’t Earn Trust For Marketers
    • Americans seemed most trusting of such endorsements (15% said they trusted them) while the Germans seemed least trusting (6% said they trusted them). Only Brazil and China surpassed the U.S. on this front, with 17% and 21% of respondents, respectively.
    • Consumers across all countries tended to most trust what their family and friends had to say offline about a brand followed by what they said online.
    • The fifth most-trusted source of information is Google and other search engines, preceded by product reviews and expert opinions.

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