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  • Taking a Performance Approach to Facebook
    • Recently, Forrester Research published a report and “Open Letter” to Mark Zuckerberg.  The report surveyed 395 marketing executives, asking them to rate their satisfaction (on a scale of one to five) with digital mediums like Google, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.
    • Although Forrester reported their perspectives, Performics believes that if advertisers approach all media buying through a performance lens, they CAN dedicate budget specifically to social, including Facebook.
    • Performics’ POV illustrates recent Facebook successes we’ve seen for our clients, taking a performance lens to the channel:
      • Facebook has made an effort to make its ads more direct-response focused.  For instance, the Facebook Ad Exchange (FBX) enables advertisers to reach users based on their browsing histories (via first- and third-party cookies).
      • Overall, Performics’ client investment in FBX is increasing in 2013 due primarily to the efficiency and scale Facebook advertising is driving, as proven by data, not assumptions – FBX accounted for 39% of display impressions for our clients and 12% of display spend in Q2 2013.
    • Facebook isn’t “failing” marketers that take a performance approach to the platform.  We believe that every marketer should test and leverage Facebook to create awareness, encourage participation and-ultimately-drive conversions.

Channel Insights Social

  • Mashable: Flipboard Embraces Ecommerce With Shoppable Magazines
    • In March, Flipboard introduced the option for users to create their own magazines full of articles for others to browse and now, brands and individual users can curate products in their magazines as well with Shoppable Catalogs.
    • These catalogs, along with those curated by Flipboard staff, will be featured in a new shopping category on the platform.
    • Users will be able to make purchases directly through these Flipboard magazines.
    • Flipboard currently has more than 90 million activated users and has raised $110 million to date.
  • eMarketer: Social Media Weaves Its Way Through Customer Life Process
    • Paid ads on social networks are the top method of brand and product discovery for social network users who engage with brands on social media.
    • 41% of them reported that’s one way they typically become aware of new goods on the market.
    • The likes of Bing and Google are consistently beneficial to 34% of social network users in the discovery phase, but opinions from friends and followers on social networks are almost just as useful.
    • 40% of US social network users said a search engine is how they typically learn more about brands, products or services they are considering using or purchasing.
    • Social media is still a crutch in this stage of the consumer life process with 37% of consumers reporting they rely on social networks to research before buying.


  • comScore: October Search Market Share: Bing Continues To Grow At Yahoo’s Expense
    • Google — October: 66.9 percent; September: 66.9 percent; August: 66.9 percent
    • Bing – October 18.1 percent; September: 18 percent; August: 17.8 percent
    • Yahoo – October 11.1 percent; September: 11.3 percent; August: 11.4 percent
    • In terms of US mobile search share StatCounter offers the following breakdown:
      • Google — 88.1 percent
      • Yahoo — 8.1 percent
      • Bing — 3.4 percent
      • All others — 0.4 percent
  • Yelp: We’re Second Only To Google In Local Data Quality
    • Yelp has long maintained that the company has one of the best (if not the best) local data sets out there.
    • In a recent study, Yelp collected 1,000 US business locations in various categories and locations (including international).
    • Yelp scored each category and competitor as follows: “we gave each data provider 1 point for each correct datum and 0 points for each incorrect or missing datum”
    • The companies that performed the best in the test are Yelp and Google, with Google being the overall winner (by a nose). 

Participant Insights Affluents

  • eMarketer: US Affluents Seek Deals, Not Luxuries
    • Affluents often feel constrained in their spending and are on the lookout for bargains in their day-to-day shopping.
    • The ordinariness of much affluents’ purchasing is reflected in their choice of stores – Among those in the $250,000-plus bracket, 47% reported shopping at Wal-Mart in the previous 12 months; 36% cited Costco.
    • Intent on getting a good return on their outlays, affluents routinely perform due diligence before buying – 90% who earned $100,000 to $199,999 “almost always” conducted research for deals and best prices before shopping

Seasonal Insights Holiday

  • NRF: Americans Making Progress with Gift Lists
    • Nearly six in 10 (60.7%) shoppers will splurge on fashion and apparel items and other accessories.
    • 59.2% of holiday shoppers will splurge on gift cards, which have come in as the most-requested gift item for seven years in a row.
    • 44.3% of people say they will buy toys, 23.3% will buy jewelry items, and 19% will buy sporting goods and leisure items.
    • One-third (33.0%) will buy electronics and/or computer items and accessories, up from 31.8% last year and the highest percent seen since 2006.
    • When it comes to looking for inspiration for holiday gifts, 10.1% will use retailers’ apps, up from 8.7% last year, and 7.2% will use Pinterest, up from 5.8% last year.

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