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  • Facebook Announces New Video Metrics
    • Facebook is launching new ways for admins to measure the effectiveness of their video campaigns.
    • Marketers can see the average duration of video viewed and the amount of time that a person watched 95 percent of the video.
    • Advertisers will also be able to see demographic breakdown of the video’s viewers.
  • Instagram Video Ads Are Coming Soon
    • Video ads are quietly being tested, as the company takes a slow approach to building what could be Facebook’s next billion-dollar business.
    • However, Facebook is taking its time ramping up Instagram advertising, especially video, which Squires said is “still a ways out.
    • Instagram says it is still far off from offering self-serve tools—like ones most social media platforms give advertisers—to plan campaigns.


  • Firefox Rolls Out Biggest Design Overhaul in 3 Years
    • The company is introducing these tools as a part of a greater effort to compete with other browsers, and the launch comes at a time when Mozilla needs it most.
    • Mozilla is still rebounding from the controversy surrounding its cofounder Brendan Eich, who recently stepped down as CEO following a public outcry over his support toward the ban on gay marriage.
    • The update also makes it easier to access these tools across all platforms with its Enhanced Firefox Sync.
  • Bing Updates Its Android App With A New Look & Faster Performance
    • Bing has rolled out a new look and feel for its Android app, claiming the updates make it more streamlined and “optimized for performance.”
    • The app is faster than its previous version, and now lets users track their Bing reward points natively within the app.
    • Bing reminded users how the new in-app reward point tracking will help them monitor their progress toward helping their favorite school, “With last week’s roll out of Bing for Schools, this is another great way to help your favorite school earn Surfaces.”
  • Yahoo Abandons “Do Not Track”, Citing Lack Of Industry Standard
    • Yahoo announced that it will no longer adhere to Do Not Track browser signals, further compromising the effectiveness of the setting in the online ecosystem.
    • The change is framed as a move toward better personalization: “We fundamentally believe the best web is a personalized one,” and users are instead given the option to “tailor their online experience through the variety of privacy tools” offered within the Yahoo platform.


  • Decisive launches to make mobile ads cheap, transparent, and real-time
    • Decisive, a mobile ad startup in New York, launched out of private beta today to bring a new level of simplicity and transparency to mobile advertising — starting with campaigns as small as $10.
    • The commitment from CEO David Dundas is that Decisive will tell you exactly, in detail, and in real-time, every single site and app your ads will appear on.
    • That’s a level of detail you won’t get from many mobile ad companies, which deal in the millions of impressions via demand-side platforms that aggregate vast numbers of sites and apps into an audience for your ad.
  • eMarketer: Mobile drives major gains in real-time-bidding ad spend
    • eMarketer expects increases in US real-time bidding (RTB) digital display ad spending—which includes all display formats served to all devices—to remain impressive over the next several years.
      • Mobile is playing a huge role in this growth.
    • Among content categories, entertainment also ruled, growing its share of mobile RTB ad volume as a percentage of total mobile impressions.
    • As a result of this increase, all other categories studied—social media, games, music, and communications and technology—lost share in traffic volume.

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