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  • Is eBay A Big Loser In Google’s Panda 4.0 Update? — Winners & Losers Data
    • Google’s Matt Cutt’s revealed that Google started rolling out a Panda 4.0 update last week (major update to the Google algorithm which is designed to prevent sites with poor quality content from working their way into Google’s top search results.
    • According to the data, eBay lost a tremendous amount of traffic from Google, much of it from the ebay.com/bhp/ area of its site.
    • With all algorithm updates, there are also those who win and gain rankings. The big winners seem to be glassdoor.com, emedicinehealth.com, medterms.com, yourdictionary.com and shopstyle.com.
  • Yahoo Plots YouTube Rival for Summer Debut After Delay
    • Yahoo is ramping up talks with video producers and plans to premiere a rival to Google’s video service later this summer.
    • Yahoo has a compelling pitch: more generous revenue-sharing deals, or fixed ad rates that are significantly higher than YouTube is currently delivering to creators.
    • Like YouTube, creators will be allowed to establish their own channel pages and host their videos on Yahoo. Like YouTube’s video player, Yahoo’s video player will be embeddable on other sites.


  • Forrester: 2014 US Mobile Banking Functionality Benchmark.
    • The study reported that Chase and U.S. Bank tied for first place overall, with scores of 69 out of 100 respectively, closely trailed by Wells Fargo, 68 Bank of America, 66; and Citi, 64.
    • A key trend is mobile bankers moving from very basic activities like viewing an account balance to a wider range of transactional features like depositing checks, adding bill payees, sending money to friends and family, searching for past payments, and more.
    • For now, banks should continue to focus on UX instead of berating users with loan or credit offers when they simply want to check their balance.
    • Performics employees can access the full report here.
  • Startup Targets Pinterest Users With Native Mobile Ad Format
    • Ahalogy, a startup that provides and optimizes content for Pinterest, is going to start competing with the scrapbooking site for ad dollars.
    • The company’s new offering, Ahalogy Mobile, allows marketers to display their own content in Pinterest-like format on mobile devices.
    • It will also display full-screen ads that appear in the browser when a user leaves Pinterest, an alternative to the scrapbooking services own “Promoted Pins.”
    • The ads will be restricted to the Cincinnati-based firm’s network of more than 1,000 publishers, mainly bloggers.

Vertical Insights Digital Industry Trends

  • Mary Meeker: Internet Trends 2014
    • The latest edition of the annual Internet Trends report includes:
      1. Key Internet trends showing slowing Internet user growth but strong smartphone, tablet and mobile data traffic growth as well as rapid growth in mobile advertising.
      2. Emerging positive efficiency trends in education and healthcare.
      3. High-level trends in messaging, communications, apps and services.
      4. Data behind the rapid growth in sensors, uploadable / findable / shareable data, data mining tools and pattern recognition.
      5. Context on the evolution of online video.
      6. Observations about online innovation in China.
      7. Read the full report here.

Brand News

  • Apple Buys Beats Electronics For $3B
    • The deal was reported to be in the works earlier this month, and was said to be worth an estimated $3.2 billion at the time, though a recent New York Post report said it was cut to $3 billion after Apple completed its due diligence.
    • Apple doesn’t yet sell on- or over-the-ear style headphones, however, or its own speakers, and these are areas where competitors like Samsung currently operate to support their smartphone devices.
    • Given the stature of this acquisition, Apple is being a bit more communicative about the deal than it has about others in the past.
    • Apple indicates Beats Music will continue to be made available and operate as before (even on other platforms). Also as part of the deal, Beats co-founders Iovine and Dre join Apple’s management team.

Programmatic Buying

  • Google: The Programmatic Brand Era (Infographic)
    • Programmatic has transformed media buying and is now a must for successful digital brand marketing. 4 Ways brands can win with Programmatic:
      • Connect 1:1 with audiences
      • Embrace cross screen
      • Engage with video
      • Measure what matters
    • Check out the infographic to see how some brands—Netflix, Southwest Airlines and Kellogg’s, among others—are using it to their competitive advantage.

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