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The Performics Weekly Digital Digest provides a recap of this week’s latest digital news. The news covered each week may vary, due to new trends and hot topics continuously emerging. United States Channel Insights Mobile

  • Chitika Report: June Tablet Update: iPad Usage Share Surpasses 84%
    • Apple iPad users’ share of U.S. and Canadian tablet Web traffic has increased by nearly two percentage points, from 82.4% in May 2013, to 84.3% in June 2013.
    • Most other players in the market exhibited month-over-month declines, with one notable exception being Barnes & Noble’s Nook.
      • The Web traffic share generated by Nook users grew by 37% over what was observed in May 2013.
      • Amazon’s Kindle Fire took second place with a 5.9% share, followed by the Samsung Galaxy Tab with 4.2%, and the Nook with 1.2%.
  • Forrester: Four Strategies To Survive The Mobile Mind Shift
    • Mobile Mind Shift = The expectation that any desired information or service is available,
    • on any appropriate device, in context, at a person’s moment of need. Strategies include:
    • High quality, low frequency experiences – provide customers a reason to interact more frequently. For instance, Nike’s fitness and athletic apps allow customers to interact daily.
    • High quality, high frequency experiences – expand brand and customer relationships to include more valuable mobile experiences.
    • Low quality, low frequency – partner with apps that provide better, more frequent experiences that will translate into better customer experiences.
    • Low quality, high frequency – With mobile apps, brands have the opportunity to create more frequent, positive interactions to counterbalance disappointing experiences.


  • ClickZ: Google Puts Final Touches on System-Wide Upgrade to Enhanced Campaigns
    • Google says Enhanced Campaigns driving higher ROI.
    • CEO Larry Page calls it “the biggest ever change to AdWords,” as the company reported $3.23 billion in net income on $14.1 billion in revenue during the second quarter.
    • Google’s revenues jumped 19 percent from the year-ago period as income grew almost 14 percent to $3.23 billion.
    • Paid clicks jumped 23 percent from a year ago and 4 percent from the previous quarter, while the average cost-per-click declined by 6 percent year-over-year and 2 percent from the previous quarter.


  • eMarketer: Social Media Drives a Small Share of Online Consumers to Retail Sites
    • Facebook’s influence was most pronounced in the watches and jewelry retail category, accounting for 76% of traffic coming from social media.
    • YouTube’s effectiveness was greatest in the beauty and skincare category, driving 27% of traffic, likely because consumers on the hunt for those products are also watching make-up and skincare “how to” videos.
    • Pinterest, meanwhile, showed success in the home and gift category, responsible for 31% of traffic from social media.
  • CNET: Twitter lets TV advertisers target tweets to viewers
    • Twitter is opening up its TV ad-targeting technology to all U.S. advertisers that run national television spots and want to reach live viewers with synchronized in-tweet promotions.
    • Twitter pushes advertisers’ extra video clips, such as sports highlights or reality show extras, as Promoted Tweets to users who have likely seen the advertiser’s broadcast spot while watching a live television program.
    • The process of identifying actual ad viewers is handled by Bluefin Labs, the television analytics service that Twitter acquired earlier this year.


  • Financial Post: Apple planning enhanced TV service that would let watchers skip ads
    • Apple is developing ad-skipping technology that would let owners of its Apple TV set-top box and future television devices watch shows without commercials.
    • Apple executives have briefed at least two owners of broadcast TV networks and cable channels, as well as some of the biggest U.S. pay-TV systems – One proposal is for Apple to reimburse programmers for skipped ads.
    • Almost three-quarters of consumers in a survey cited the ability to skip commercials as a main reason to use a digital video recorder.
    • Apple has also been working to license more content for people to watch via Apple TV.

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