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  • eMarketer: Facebook Dominates World Cup Chat
    • More than one-third of fans in the US use social networks to follow sports.
      • Each method of chatting was cited by 53.0% of respondents—beating out Twitter, old-school phone calls, and Skype or chat apps by a long shot.
      • Respondents from the US spent 1.4 hours weekly with sports content on social media. What were they doing during that time?
        • The three types of sports content that social fans were most likely to use the platforms for were following a team or league (53%), live streaming a game or event (36%) and accessing sports news in text format (35%).

AdAge: Tumblr Ads to Start Running on Yahoo Sites

    • Yahoo will begin running Tumblr’s sponsored post ads on the portal’s owned-and-operated sites, such as Yahoo News and newly launched digital magazine Yahoo Beauty.
    • The Tumblr ads will show up on Yahoo sites in two so-called “native” formats.
      • On Yahoo’s digital magazines like Yahoo Tech, they’ll appear as image-heavy sponsored content entries alongside editorial posts.
      • Meanwhile on Yahoo’s regular sites like Yahoo Sports, the Tumblr ads will show up as stream ads, which have skew more text-oriented but recently added bigger images.
    • The Tumblr ads continue to be sold on a cost-per-engagement basis, meaning that advertisers only pay if someone clicks on the ad, shares, likes or follows the brand on Tumblr.


  • Mobile video watching up 532 percent in two years, study says
    • Mobile and tablets now represent over 21 percent of all online video plays, up from 3.4 percent two years ago.
    • The massive growth in online video consumption via mobile devices has changed the paradigm in content availability. Since 2012, mobile and tablet video viewership is up 532 percent.
    • Ooyala discovered that 82 percent of all mobile video consumption occurs on iOS devices, with nearly all of the remaining video views happening on Android.
    • Ooyala discovered that 48 percent of people around the globe who viewed mobile videos in the first quarter watched content for 30 minutes or more.
      • More than three-quarters of viewers watched videos at least 10 minutes in length.
  • Amazon smartphone is unveiled with online shopping feature
    • Dubbed Amazon Fire Phone—that will give the e-commerce giant yet another piece of ammunition against retailers in its goal to own online shopping through showrooming and price comparisons.
    • Firefly employs the phone’s 13-megapixel camera to detect QR codes and Web links on packages to drive traffic to Amazon items.
    • Firefly also uses audio recognition that will likely attract advertisers focused on second-screen marketing.
    • The Amazon Fire Phone also includes 3D technology that distorts photos based on how consumers tilt the phone back and forth. The device will be sold exclusively by AT&T starting July 25 for $199 with a two-year contract.


Participant Insights US Hispanics

  • eMarketer: US Hispanic Millennials More Receptive to Mobile Ads
    • Hispanic millennials consume media equally in Spanish and English.
    • 18.7% of Hispanics ages 18 to 34 would be interested in receiving advertisements on their mobile devices, compared with 8.5% of non-Hispanics the same age.
    • 77% of Hispanic millennials agreed that advertisements on their mobile phones provided them with useful information about new products and services.
    • Nearly half of Hispanic millennials are US-born, are more acculturated and are consuming media in English. Still, they maintain a strong cultural duality. It’s more about infusing advertising with cultural nuances.

Seasonal Insights

  • Get Ready for Christmas Creep: Walmart Starts Highlighting Hot Holiday Gifts
    • In a play to reach more gift-buyers, Walmart held an event for more than 100 long-lead magazine and gift guide editors on Wednesday to showcase what it expects to be top sellers this holiday season.
    • Walmart’s push to consumers will begin later in the fall, after the back-to-school rush. And it’s still holding its Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals close to the vest.
    • Disney’s “Frozen” is expected to be hot this year, and Walmart is preparing for the frenzy with Elsa dolls by Jakks and Mattel, decorative cookie kits by Disney, bedding, lamps and lip gloss, just to name a few “Frozen”-themed products.
    • New this holiday season are Walmart’s gift sets and cosmetic bags by Flower, the exclusive beauty line by Drew Barrymore. Celebrities will also be popular in cookware, with lines from Guy Fieri and Rachel Ray expected to be big sellers.

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