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  • Pinterest Makes It Easier to Find What Just What You’re Looking For
    • Pinterest announced that you can now follow specific interests in addition to following other users.
    • Pinterest already offered a categories tabs where users could search for pins by more general groupings, but now, those categories include more specific interests that users can subscribe to.
    • Pinterest has made content discovery a priority overt the past few months.
  • What Does the New Google+ Name Policy Mean for YouTube?
    • Google has dropped all of its profile name restrictions, meaning users can now choose any name they want for their profile pages.
    • This change back to old ways has obvious benefits for anonymity on the Internet.
    • Watch the video recap here.


  • Nielsen Survey Says Yelp The Most Influential Local Review Site
    • Yelp says it’s the most frequently used, most trusted and highest quality local reviews site, according to new Nielsen survey data.
    • Virtually all Yelp users (98%) have made a purchase at a business they found on Yelp, with nearly 90% of them doing so within a week.
    • 4 out of 5 Yelp users visit Yelp because they intend to buy a product or service.
    • Yelp users search on Yelp for everything from restaurants to spas to hotels to locksmiths and everything in between.
    • 4.5 times more often than Angie’s List and nearly 3 times more often than TripAdvisor as being the most influential review site when making final purchase decisions.
  • Report: Google’s stealthy new ad formats boosted clickthroughs by 20% last quarter
    • Google Ads used to be obvious, with a different background color than the rest of the page, which clearly highlighted them as commercial content.
    • At the beginning of this year, however, Google changed its format, giving ads the same white background as the rest of the page and replacing it with a substantially smaller “Ad” notification.
    • Clickthroughs increased 20%, but both CTR and CPC are up. Essentially, more marketers are going digital and driving up costs, even as clickthroughs are significantly up.


  • Mobile: 34% of Organic Search, 42% of Social Traffic in Q2
    • RKG released its Q2 report on the state of digital marketing, looking at channels like organic search, paid search, and social. Highlights include:
    • Organic search produced 31% of all site visits in Q2.
    • Smartphones and tablets made up 34% of organic search traffic in Q2.
    • Social media traffic made up 1.6% of all site visits in Q2.
    • 42% of social visits came from a mobile device in Q2.

Seasonal Insights Back to School

  • Back-to-School Shopping to Kick Off Later This Year
    • Despite marketers’ insistence on kicking off back-to-school advertising in July, more consumers will be shopping closer to the start of school this year.
    • 33% of shoppers will begin shopping less than two weeks before school starts, including a small but growing percentage who will wait until after school starts.
    • Back-to-school and back-to-college spending is expected to reach $74.9 billion, down 11% from last year’s $84 billion.
    • Of those consumers who own tablets, 45% plan to research products on their device, while 31% will actually purchase products. And of those consumers who own smartphones, 37% plan to research products, while 22% will make purchases on their devices.

Global Insights EMEA

  • eMarketer: Mobile Shoppers in Western Europe Tap ‘Buy’ Button More
    • Levels of mobile retail activity are rising rapidly across Europe as more consumers use smartphones and tablets.
    • Between January and March 2014, 24% of smartphone users in the EU-5 accessed retail websites, representing year-on-year growth of 42%.
      • In Spain and Italy, where ecommerce development has been depressed by wider economic gloom for several years, annual growth in retail site visits was 50% and 73%, respectively.
    • These results go some way to highlighting the time lag between new consumer behaviors and retailers’ efforts to provide for them.
    • For example, EDC reported that 53% of the retailers it surveyed in France, Germany, Spain and the UK expected mobile channels to offer added opportunities for loyalty engagement, but only 49% said they planned to develop an integrated multichannel strategy.

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