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Highlighted below are some of this week’s emerging trends and insights. As trends emerge and change, you will see that the topics covered each week may also vary. United States Channel Insights Social

  • Facebook’s Atlas Ad Network Now Has Cross-Device Reporting
    • Facebook-owned ad network Atlas now offers ad targeting no matter what device is being used, and it measures the success of the campaign through Facebook data.
    • The cross-device reporting is not limited to Facebook and could help the social network advise marketers on how to extend campaigns to other online outlets.
    • This builds on the cross-device reporting that Facebook introduced in August to tell advertisers on what device someone saw an ad and on what device they took an action like purchasing a product.
  • Twitter Enhances Ad Targeting Features
    • Advertisers will be able to target consumers by their mobile phone numbers and mobile ad IDs on Android and iOS devices using new features on Twitter’s self-service ad dashboard.
    • The new audience manager enables you to see the details of all of your audiences in one place, change or delete them and get notifications on the status of those specific audiences.”
    • Another new Twitter capability allows marketers to find potential customers similar to existing users who have already downloaded applications.


  • Bing Improvements Focus on Location-Based Ads, Deep Linking
    • Microsoft will make location targeting and ad scheduling improvements to Bing Ads based on feedback from brands using the tools.
    • The team also will work on app-to-app deep linking, shipping task completion features for Bing, Cortana and Bing search apps; and the detection of task intents from user queries and contexts, per Microsoft’s job board.
    • As for the most recent Bing Ads released, the advanced location-targeting option focuses on allowing marketers to target campaigns or ad groups based on intent — and their location in the query, rather than physical location.
    • Bing also made improvements to radius targeting. The controls improved in July help marketers see the visual outlines of the targeted areas on a map.


  • Smart Shopping Tool PoachIt Raises An Additional $1.8 Million
    • PoachIt is helping turn those hesitant buyers into customers through its intelligent shopping assistant and mobile apps that help to find working coupon codes, plus tools that allow you to track price drops for any product.
    • PoachIt introduced an iOS application and more recently, it rolled out to Android, allowing consumers to shop by phone, not just the web.
    • PoachIt today is tracking over half a million products.

Veridical Insights Digital

  • Digital Ad Spend Will Surpass TV By 2017
    • Interpublic Group CEO Michael Roth noted research and marketplace intelligence unit Magna Global is predicting that by 2017, more dollars will be allocated to digital than TV.
    • And in China, where spending growth remains in double digits for the foreseeable future, digital ad expenditures will surpass TV this year, according to a just released GroupM forecast for the country.
    • TV spending in the country is projected to total $36 billion this year, representing 47% of ad spending.

Global Insights EMEA

  • France’s Shoppers Use Multiple Points of Purchase
    • Shoppers now use nearly six points of purchase, on average, annually.
    • Digital purchases included those from retail sites or apps provided by ecommerce merchants, digital secondhand sites or digital grocery suppliers offering click-and-collect or other delivery services.
    • Traditional shopping habits are still strong, though, especially when it comes to food and groceries. Overall, 82% of respondents said they made purchases in a brick-and-mortar store at least once per week.
    • Home delivery was the way most digital shoppers chose to get hold of their purchases: 71% of online buyers used that option.

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