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  • Pinterest to Offer Performance Tracking for Promoted Pins
    • Pinterest is planning to help advertisers track how well their Promoted Pins are performing as it prepares to push out “more relevant” pins to users.
    • The changes, due in a month, will allow advertisers to see how often their ads appear on Pinterest and how many sales are made after Promoted Pins are clicked.
    • In short, Pinterest is slowly but surely building out an advertising platform, not much different than what other social networks like Facebook or Twitter have.
  • Report: Social Media to Dominate Holiday Marketing
    • The vast majority of retailers plan to use digital promotions this holiday season, with social media prevailing as the most popular option, according to the 2014 Holiday Retail Audit by eBay Enterprise.
    • E-mail marketing and search engine optimization were the second and third most popular strategies, with offline tactics falling in fifth place.
    • Only 32 percent of retailers plan to invest in mobile commerce this holiday season, despite it being defined as a “competitive weakness.”


  • Bing Unveils Responsive Design for Image Search
    • As part of its mission to improve the user experience, Bing has announced its roadmap for improving image search.
    • The first step includes features that are adaptable based on the user’s query, resolution, and interaction. This new release also includes optimization for touchscreen devices. Below is an example of the old and new versions of Bing image search.
    • Tablet devices were a key factor in the direction that Bing has taken its image search. Tablet users can now swipe through inline carousels in search results.
    • One of Bing’s more recent upgrades included the addition of Pinterest board searches.
  • Bing Rolls Out Tablet-Related Device Targeting Updates
    • Bing has begun migrating to unified device targeting based on the following customer pain points:
      • Simplicity: Advertisers will now be able to do more, in less time.
      • Efficiency: Bing has removed extra steps previously used to manage and migrate Bing Ads campaigns.
      • Control: The update has provided additional control without the need to add complexity.
    • Bing has also shared that the device targeting will not affect conversion tracking, but will impact the content network.


  • Apple Releases iOS 8.0.2 to Fix Earlier Epic Fail
    • Apple  released iOS 8.0.2 Thursday, following the release — and subsequent removal — of iOS 8.0.1, after widespread reports the update killed users’ cell signals and rendered Touch ID useless.
    • “iOS 8.0.2 is now available for users, it fixes an issue that affected iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus users who downloaded iOS 8.0.1, and includes improvements and bug fixes originally in iOS 8.0.1.”
    • Apple has not revealed the source of the problem with first update but later apologized for the issues it caused and offered a temporary workaround while they readied a new update.

Seasonal Insights Holiday

  • Deloitte Sees Holiday Sales Rising 4.5% as Incomes Gain
    • Sales, excluding purchases of motor vehicles and gas, may climb to as much as $986 billion in November through January.
    • U.S. shoppers are poised to increase spending as the decline in the unemployment rate to 6.1 percent makes them feel more secure in their finances.
    • Digital interactions will influence 50 percent, or $345 billion, of in-store sales this holiday season as shoppers use computers, tablets and smartphones to browse retailers’ sites, research products and compare prices.

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