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  • Facebook’s Revamped Atlas Focuses on Targeting Across Devices
    • Facebook is relaunching its Atlas ad platform, allowing marketers to serve, track and monitor ads around the Web, and reportedly is talking with Twitter about using it to run ads on the rival network.
    • In addition, adverts generated from Atlas partners can be tailored across other websites depending on the data Facebook has on a group of users — such as age, sex and location.
    • Omnicom will be the first online agency to use Atlas to serve and monitor ads.
  • Report: Twitter Creates New Platform to Make Nice With App Developers
    • After repeatedly angering third-party apps by cutting off access to its API, Twitter will launch a new app development platform called Fabric to bury the hatchet with scorned developers, according to a report.
    • Once upon a time, Twitter encouraged third-party developers to use its feed. A shift occurred in 2011, and Twitter began to limit outside applications’ access.
    • Fabric could also lure more people into Twitter’s app. It would also be a result of an online “arms race” between Twitter and its competitors to collect data about people’s activities and interests on mobile applications, the report said.


  • Yahoo Tests A New Homepage Highlighting Magazines, Talent… And Twitter
    • Yahoo has now started testing out new formats for its biggest property of all, Yahoo.com.
    • From the looks of tips that we’ve received from readers, and a handful of others on Twitter, the new site will sport a much cleaner look, with a collapsible vertical menu bar on the left that highlights some of the effort the company has made to beef up its content.
    • It will also feature some dynamic pop-up widgets to give people real-time access to things like Yahoo Mail.


  • Path’s Talk App Gets Updated So You Can Send Messages To Places
    • Earlier this summer, Path made two big announcements:
      • The first was its release of Path Talk, a standalone messaging app that combined chat with ambient status updates to let users know what their friends were up to.
      • The second was the acquisition of text messaging for business app TalkTo.
    • Now those two pieces are coming together, as the company has released a new version of its messaging app that enables users to reach out to businesses via text.
    • The idea is to make conversations with places similar to what consumers have gotten used to in sending messages to their friends.

Global Insights EMEA

  • Ad Spending in Western Europe Continues Rebound
    • eMarketer estimates that expenditure on all measured media in Western Europe returned to positive growth last year, reaching $112.03 billion, and is projected to climb again in 2014, though by just 2.3%.
    • Germany and the UK—the two largest ad markets in the region—are set to register percentage gains in ad spending. Together, they will account for 44.5% of regional ad investment in 2014.
    • Western Europe will lag North America in smartphone usage. Though we expect 47.3% of Western Europe’s residents to own at least one advanced handset this year, the proportion in the US and Canada will reach 51.3%.


  • Brazil Grabs over Half Latin America’s Ad Marke
    • Brazil will account for more than half of all regional ad outlays throughout the forecast period as ad spending there passes $20 billion, eMarketer predicts.
    • In 2016, TV will claim an estimated 60.2%, while newspapers will grab 16.2%. By contrast, the internet will continue to account for less than one in 10 ad dollars in the region, at 8.9%.
    • In 2014, regional internet user penetration will reach 54.4%, eMarketer predicts, with more than 330 million people online regularly. Nearly one-third of those web users will live in Brazil.
    • In 2014, Latin America’s digital ad market will be worth $5.47 billion, eMarketer estimates.

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