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  • Facebook Buys Voice-Activated-Technology Startup
    • Facebook has bought Wit.ai, a voice-recognition startup. The move could improve the social network’s Messenger application and help turn online chatter into actionable commands.
    • ai’s platform will remain open and free, which makes it seem that Facebook wants to use the technology to draw developers into its Build-Grow-Monetize loop where they get help building apps, but eventually pay Facebook for ads to grow or monetize by splitting revenue with Facebook from hosting its ads.
    • ai could help the company offer voice control development tools alongside its Parse development platform, aid with voice-to-text input for Messenger, improve Facebook’s understanding of the semantic meaning of voice, etc.
  • Facebook’s Latest Stats Show Dramatic Rise in Video Content
    • People around the world are posting 75% more videos to Facebook than they did a year ago.
    • That growth is steeper in the U.S. where people are posting 94% more videos to the social network.
    • It’s unclear whether video has become the dominant news-feed content type; a Facebook spokeswoman wouldn’t provide that stat. And it’s also unclear whether a year or two from now Facebook will need to pull back the number of videos in people’s feeds


  • Bing and Yahoo Follow Google in ‘Right to Be Forgotten’ Takedowns
    • Bing and Yahoo have begun compliance with European Right to Be Forgotten rules and have removed a series of search results.
    • The EU Court of Justice ruled in May that anyone had the right to have “inadequate, irrelevant, or no longer relevant” data removed from search results.
    • Google complied almost immediately and has already had 174,000 requests to delete entries. Bing published its form in July and has so far received 699 requests.
  • Google Unveils a Tool to Check If Users Are Looking at Video Ads
    • Advertisers will be able to tell whether clips delivered via Google’s DoubleClick ad services are skipped or ignored, letting marketers fine-tune their campaigns.
    • The goal is to make sure that advertisers’ video spots run for at least two seconds while covering at least 50 percent of screens — the industry standard.
    • The new video reports revealed today will first be available on Google’s DoubleClick ad tools, which are used across the Web by various advertisers and publishers. That will expand later to some of Google’s own content on YouTube.


  • Flurry: Shopping led 76% rise in mobile app use last year
    • Smartphone users actively engaged with mobile applications 76% more often in 2014 compared with a year earlier.
    • It pegged mobile shopping as the biggest gainer, growing 174% on iOS and Android platforms combined.
    • Messaging took third place with 103 percent growth and health & fitness came in tied with travel at fourth place.

Seasonal Insights Holiday

  • IBM: Online holiday sales gained momentum in 2014
    • Online retail sales in November and December grew 13.9% compared with the same period a year earlier, with mobile sales bringing in nearly 25% of the total, IBM Digital Analytics reported.
    • Transaction counts were up, but the average order value dipped 8% to $119.33.
    • Shoppers increasingly used their mobile devices to browse, accounting for almost half of all online holiday traffic, up 25.5 percent over last year. Most mobile browsing took place on smartphones.

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