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The Performics Weekly Digital Digest provides a recap of this week’s latest digital news. The news covered each week may vary, due to new trends and hot topics continuously emerging. United States Channel Insights Social

  • Twitter: Promoted Tweets drive offline sales for CPG brands
    • Users who engaged with a brand’s Promoted Tweets purchased more from that brand than a statistically identical control group, resulting in a 12% average sales lift.
    • Users exposed to a brand’s organic Tweets bought more from that brand than those who were not exposed, producing an 8% average sales lift.
    • Followers who are exposed to Promoted Tweets purchased 29% more from that brand than followers reached by organic Tweets alone.


  • eMarketer: Online Buyers Notice Retargeted Ads
    • 30% had a positive or very positive reaction to retargeted ads, vs. 11% who felt negatively about them.
    • Most consumers (59%) were neutral about the retargeted ads.
    • eMarketer estimates that 73% of US internet users ages 14 or older will buy online this year, and as these buyers spend more time shopping on the web, they will encounter more digital messages suggesting where to make their next purchase and what product they should choose.


  • Search Engine Land: Bing Testing Favicons In Search Result Snippets
    • Bing is testing displaying favicons in the search results, next to the title of the search snippet.
    • Bing has confirmed this is not a browser extension modifying the search results, but rather one of Bing’s many tests to the search results user interface.
    • Bing has been spotted testing favicons in search ads, while Google has been also spotted testing favicons in the search results back in 2009.


  • eMarketer: Gaming on Mobile Leads All Other Online Platforms
    • This year, eMarketer estimates, nearly 126 million people in the US will play a game on their mobile phone at least once a month.
    • By 2016, more than 80% of smartphone users will game on the devices
    • eMarketer estimates 103.6 million smartphone users will play games at least monthly this year, up 23.7% over 2012.

Industry Insights Retail

  • ChainStoreAge: Retail sales edge up in July
    • U.S. retail sales edged up 0.2% in July from June.
    • Core retail sales excluding auto, gasoline and building materials retailers increased 0.5% in July compared to the previous month.
    • Clothing and clothing accessories stores’ sales increased 0.9% seasonally adjusted month-to-month and increased 5.3% unadjusted year-over-year.
    • Electronics and appliance stores’ sales decreased 0.1% seasonally adjusted month-to-month yet increased 0.8% unadjusted year-over-year.

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