Why Create a Dedicated Paid Search Launch Team?

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September 23, 2008
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September 25, 2008

Why Create a Dedicated Paid Search Launch Team?

Posted by Peggy Franz, Manager Search Services

Just as every advertiser is distinctive, every paid search program has its own set of dynamic variables unique to its industry, marketplace and customer base.  These variables should be highlighted and addressed before a search program is created and launched.  Because every client’s search program is unique, Performics knows there’s no cookie cutter or cut and paste methodology by which to launch a search program.

Launch is a complicated process that either sets a program up for success or hinders its progress for weeks or months.  Performics’ launch strategy designs program requirements, outlines financial and marketing objectives, devises a tailored timeline, and builds the client’s program. Because the on-boarding process for new clients is so critical to success, it’s imperative to have a dedicated Launch Team that can tailor expertise to every launch.

Performics’ Launch Team is comprised of tenured specialists who bring expertise and quality assurance to every aspect of the launch process. For 20 to 25 days, their sole focus is your launch; they don’t have any day-to-day program management responsibilities. This means

full attention in project managing each launch to hit deadlines, insuring achievement of agreed upon client metrics, and providing transparency through client communication and education.   

Launch Team Specialists provide strategy and recommendations for all the key areas of a launch:

·         Campaign Planning

·         Keyword Development

·         Copy Management

·         Landing Page Management

·         Bid & Budget Management

·         Technical Implementation

·         Quality Assurance

The Launch Team serves as consultants, supporting the account team and the client through the process, applying their expertise, and supplying recommendations at every step.  They actively lead the launch process to minimize risk of errors, insure quality assurance, and hit client goals.  These specialists continually apply, analyze and refine the launch process.  Heightened program monitoring during the crucial early weeks of launch, such as hourly bid strategy reviews and ongoing competitive marketplace monitoring, are examples of support the Launch team provides for every new client. This intense focus on each launch shortens the timeframe to profitability to positively impact the advertiser’s bottom line. 

After launch, the key focus of the Launch Team and program team is stabilizing and optimizing the program to meet and exceed goals.

Stay tuned for: The Impact of the Performics’ Launch Team

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