Yahoo! Rich Ads in Search (RAIS) Give Brand Advertisers More Options

Posted by Andy Murray, Account Director

Yahoo! is once again monetizing their search real estate in
new ways by incorporating different ad units (rich ads) into the SERP.  With the new product, brand owners can buy top
position with a flat monthly fee with not only a text ad, but a multi-media ad.  The ad can contain video, pictures and expanded
functionality, such as a ZIP code capture to find local stores or dealerships, shopping
tools or anything else that drives your consumer deeper into the sales funnel.


The new Yahoo! as is a combination of Yahoo!’s Search Submit
Pro (SSP) and Sponsored Search products, while not replacing either.  Advertisers can actually run all three
products- SSP, Sponsored Search and RAIS- as well as appear organically.  This allows for significant SERP domination,
potentially taking up to 4 spots on the page (if you have two pages rank for
that query in the natural listings). Additionally, when the rich ad is expanded
to play the video or see the full size picture, the natural results are pushed down
below the fold and the advertiser then encompasses the entire top left portion
of the SERP.

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