Yahoo!/Bing Enhanced Sitelinks: New Performance Opportunity for Advertisers

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Yahoo!/Bing Enhanced Sitelinks: New Performance Opportunity for Advertisers

Recently, Microsoft released an update to all U.S. advertisers for its Enhanced Sitelinks ad extension feature. Advertisers now have new opportunity to drive deeper engagement with more compelling search ads. In addition, this update brings the Yahoo!/Bing Network more in line with Google, which offered a similar update last year. While in beta, Bing Enhanced Sitelinks drove large success for advertisers with an average 27% lift in click-through rate. As seen with Google Sitelink Extensions, the additional ad description space helps improve ad performance by enabling advertisers to detail more compelling offers with additional service/product information.  This also helps advertisers stand out among competition on the search engine results page (SERP) as they can better dominate the screen. Bing Enhanced Sitelinks *image courtesy of PERFORMANCE IMPLICATIONS for ADVERTISERS Enhanced Sitelinks on Bing and Yahoo! can drive significant campaign gains for advertisers:

  • Quality Score: While Enhanced Sitelinks won’t directly impact quality score, Enhanced Sitelinks are expected to increase ad performance (e.g. click-through) which is a factor in determining quality score.  Better quality scores result in cost efficiencies.
    • Click-through rate: Advertisers using Enhanced Sitelinks typically see significant lifts in click-through rates (CTRs).  This is due to the ability to feature more compelling and diverse offers within the ad text, while minimizing the visibility of competitors.
    • Cost-per-click: Enhanced Sitelinks will not increase cost-per-click (CPC) and can even lower CPC if quality score increases
  • Ad Visibility: Google has noted that Enhanced Sitelinks can affect Ad Rank; however, Bing has yet to release any update on Enhanced Sitelinks’ impacting ad position.  However, Enhanced Sitelinks will improve ad visibility as they cover more real-estate on the search engine results page (SERP) and can even minimize the number of competitors appearing above the fold.
  • Customer Segmentation: Brands with multiple business units often have difficulty directing customers to the right product/service line from broad search queries (e.g. “brand name”).  With Enhanced Sitelinks, advertisers can now provide more content on the search page to segment customers to the right product/service.  The search listing essentially becomes a gateway page, enabling searchers to narrow their broad queries to more specific areas of interest.
  • Clicks, Traffic and Conversions: A longer ad with more tailored ad copy can significantly increase clicks by making the ad more appealing to a searcher. With more clicks on specific offers and services, conversions are likely to see a lift as well.

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