Strategies Help United HealthCare Increase Leads

Strategies Help United HealthCare Increase Leads


United Healthcare tasked Performics with planning and executing search and display media for the 2014-2015 open enrolment period as well as contributing to their lead goal. With recent changes to Obamacare and UHG increasing their presence in private exchanges, it was even more important to capture the opportunity during this open enrolment.


  • Geographies: During strategic planning, the Analytics & Technology team analysed competitive price points and prioritised key locations to target
  • Demographics: Broad targeting included uninsured demo
  • Uneducated: Performics identified audience segments that needed education about Obamacare and introduced them to the UHG brand


Performics’ analysts developed a geo-targeting strategy and real-time optimisation strategy that factored in price point, brand opportunity and brand affinity to maximise performance during open enrolment.

  • Search Team: Leveraged a portfolio approach, targeting high volume generics to:
    • Drive awareness
    • Lower funnel brand terms
    • Drive leads through search remarketing
  • Display Team: Built on the search portion of the plan by supplementing secondary markets with upper funnel activity and driving remarketing efforts to capture in-market leads an integrated effort with other UHG media vendors
  • Conversion Optimisation Team: Conducted landing page testing throughout open enrolment


  • 30.66% decrease in CPL YoY
  • 10.4% increase in lead rate YoY
  • 9.3% increase in lead quotes YoY
  • Conversion optimisation efforts added a 7.8% lift in lead volume