Google Analytics 360

Leading Google Analytics 360 Authorised Reseller

Google Analytics 360 (GA 360) is especially geared for Enterprise level clients and has ground-breaking features to help you get more out of your data. To implement and leverage GA 360, you require specialist expertise of a Google Analytics Premium (GAP) Authorised Reseller. Performics is one of the limited number of GAP Authorised Resellers and works with businesses globally to support best-in-class web analytics.

We have proven to Google that we have the skills and experience necessary to support the biggest brands in the world with their advanced analytics solution. We can partner with you to deliver the highest quality analytics available. As a reseller, we have direct access to Google for in-depth analytics issues. Full data ownership, tagless roll-up reporting, native integration to bid and campaign management, along with integrated Algorithmic Attribution make GA360 the ideal tool for deep analysis and marketing optimisation. Performics will be right there to support you during implementation and ongoing use of your new platform. We’ll also guide adoption of analytics into your organisation and media partners.