Piattaforma di analisi, gestione e ottimizzazione delle performance delle campagne Amazon.

Capabilities include:

Reporting & Reviews

  • Granular location reports by region, channel, division
  • Citation accuracy, local ranking, competitive benchmarking
  • Review content, scores, sentiment and alerts
  • Review workflows and template responses
  • Instant-response via permissions-based dashboard

Listing Distribution

  • All key data aggregators, directory sites and GPS data providers, covering 99% of the local ecosystem’s impressions/engagements
  • Direct management of all local platforms, or optional local aggregator management

How Does It Work?

Location Optimization features a streamlined process for local page updates (promos, messaging, etc.) in coordination with centralized/local configurations. Local page design includes ongoing SEO, conversion optimization best practices and options for iterative testing to sync with paid media. Your local data stays intact even if you move off the platform; it’s yours, and we don’t hold it hostage. Local site/landing page production considers all digital/analog channels. Our solution also includes customized reporting and permissions-based access.



Y/Y Average lift in organic traffic for clients