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At Performics, we bring together the best and the brightest of the digital realm to uncover consumer intent and design performance marketing campaigns to engage consumers in intent moments. We’re math whizzes, storytellers, strategists and creators. Headquartered in Chicago, Performics has offices across the U.S. and around the globe. We are the performance marketing agency of Publicis Groupe.

The Performics world is a place where you can grow professionally; we encourage training opportunities and cultivate career paths. Beyond that, it’s a place where you can authentically be yourself while collaborating with peers and leaders alike to drive the industry forward.

The Way We Work

We’re all about performance—the performance we demand of ourselves and for our clients. We are pretty particular, though, about the way that happens and have defined core tenets around what’s important to us as a Performics community:

  1. Be You: We believe you should be able to be the same person at work as you are at home. Authenticity and trust are important. Be who you are, mean what you say, allow other PFXers to do the same.
  2. Know Your Teammates: We know social opportunities reinforce relationships, and relationships shape our attitudes. Everyone is equal parts teacher and learner, so invest in each other. Play with intention.
  3. Collaborate Expertly: Everyone comes to Performics with a different background and provides unique value. Speak up, embrace a “what if” attitude, and support the people around you. Collaborate with your team, hone your expertise, and remember – the best idea wins.
  4. Make It Better: We believe there’s always room for growth – professionally, personally and in our communities. We identify opportunities for improvement, innovation and learning and encourage those around us to do the same.
Egalite Logo - BRG at Performics

Égalité (French for Equality and pronounced “EH-gah-lee-TAY”) is Publicis Groupe’s network for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) employees and their allies. Égalité’s programming is open to ALL Publicis Groupe employees, and is focused around advocacy, education, community outreach (internal and external), and business development.

The Men of Color Alliance (MOCA) is a Publicis Groupe employee organization committee to building the network’s reputation into an employer of choice for African-American and Latino professionals.

Viva Women

VivaWomen! is a grassroots-led, cross-agency employee resource group operating across the entire Publicis Groupe network. It’s goal is to develop and advance women within our network with a focus on four areas: mentoring, leadership, career navigation and work-life integration. The VivaWomen! initiative has earned the respect and notice of our industry, and has been featured on Adweek!

Viva Mama

For the past two years, VivaMama has existed in the virtual space as a community of hardworking mamas who want to support one another, make connections, and encourage positive change for Publicis Groupe families.

Welcome Week Objectives

  • To Immerse participants into Performics culture through social events and activities, to create connection and build relationships
  • To Inform participants of the vision and values of our organization, with a foundation to share the Performics brand, story and capabilities with all our clients
  • To Educate participants through engaging, hands-on training, connecting theory to practice, using current technology solutions
  • To Develop participants through discovery workshops, providing guidance towards personal and career development strategy and goal-setting


Performics Academy is the Learning & Development function of Performics. Its mission is to foster a culture of learning, provide relevant and engaging learning experiences, and to empower employees to take ownership of their development. Academy is an industry innovator, in that all of its courses are facilitated by employees; subject matter experts who are actively practicing in the capabilities they teach. We currently offer over 80 courses comprised of hard skills, soft skills and leadership development.