Participant Marketing

The Participation Way: Discover, Empower, Connect

The Participation Way activates three interrelated elements to motivate people to participate. By building programs that incorporate all three elements, brands gain the competitive advantages required to compete in today’s complex, connected digital world.  (Click here to view example participant marketing case studies.)


Discovery is more than just "ah-ha" for your participant, it's about experiences that foster a sense of competence and autonomy. It's about you and your participants fully engaging and understanding each other. They'll want to participate if you make them feel enriched in some way through your content.


When are people truly motivated to participate? When they feel "heard" and involved. From a marketer’s perspective, this means creating an environment where the actions, desires and preferences of your customers are supported and feedback is truly valued. Are you listening to customers, even in your ads?


Connecting with your participant, and creating space for your participants to connect with other participants, is an integral part of the Participation Way. Connecting with others who have a similar interest provides participants with immediate contextual support for empowerment and discovery.



How do you integrate The Participation Way into your digital and overall business strategy? What actions do you want your participants to take? During the planning process, Performics conducts a goals-and-benefits exercise to determine what participation should look like for your marketing strategy and what constitutes success.

Participation & Performance

Participant marketing takes performance campaigns to a whole new level. Campaigns and ideas that motivate people to participate through Discover, Empower and Connect yield amplification at no additional cost. It's like having an "echo effect" multiplier for everything you do!

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