Communications Planning

See the Big Picture—in Real Time

Proprietary tracking tools like Socialtools (social and content) and Benchtools (search) deliver real-time insights into customer behavior. Coupled with licensed tools and tracking studies, we’re armed with powerful information to create Communications Planning strategies that maximize relevancy and revenue.

Drive Desired Behavior and Actions.

Driving the click, or any other actionable KPI, means acutely understanding what needs, motivations and behaviors we must seek out to achieve that desired action. All agency briefs align our content, media and client teams against a singular purpose for cross-channel activation.

Keep Track of What’s Working, and What’s Not.

The insight process doesn’t stop at observation. In partnership with our Analytics and Technology Team, we’ve developed an endless hypothesis loop that compares what we “planned” would happen vs. what “actually” happened. The result is infinite optimization.

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