Benchtools is a global competitive monitoring platform that analyzes paid/organic search and shopping marketplace keywords, rankings and messaging to uncover optimization opportunities vs. the competition.

How Does It Work?

Market Analysis monitors a defined keyword landscape to uncover and analyze the presence and content of your brand and competitors in search and shopping listings.  Insights include:

  • How does my brand measure up against the competitive landscape?
  • What keywords are my competitors buying/not buying?
  • When and how do messaging strategies and search presence change during key shopping periods?
  • How does my paid campaign differ from my organic presence?
  • Are brands/product lines in my portfolio competing against each other?

Live Monitor displays Google paid search ranking every 10 minutes to help observe day-parting and ad scheduling strategies for top performing keywords or brand terms, in peak shopping seasons like holiday.  Insights include:

  • What are the dayparting strategies of my competitors?
  • Where can my brand cut back spend during ineffective periods?
  • Is my campaign optimized during key times to reach my target audience?

Trademark Monitor helps identify competitors, resellers or associates that might be infringing on your brand’s trademark, copyright or terms and conditions.  Potential insights include:

  • Are affiliates bidding on terms restricted by your terms and conditions?
  • Are affiliates using ad copy restricted by your terms and conditions?
  • Is a competitor infringing on your trademarked terms?