Intent Based Marketing

In today’s world, who we are is less important than what we want. As we engage with the world through our digital devices, we are constantly signaling our intentions, interests and affinities, and we expect the experience will match our intentions.

Performics’ Intent-Based Marketing approach combines audience attributes like demographics, affinities and purchase behavior, with consumer intent to personalize experiences across all digital channels.

How Does It Work?

We leverage our proprietary Intent-Based Planning tools, such as the Intent Scoring Algorithm, to map digital signals to distinct consumer mindsets that represent different stages in consumers’ decision journeys. We then align media and content with those mindsets, providing empowering brand experiences that are relevant not just to whom consumers are but also to what they want at the moment. Our Intelligent Optimization services maximize the impact of our clients’ investments to drive performance even further.

Intent-Based Marketing is Performics’ way of converting intent into revenue.


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