Data Management & Personalization


Build a Cross-Channel Data Framework

Linking digital behaviors with CRM and offline data provides a singular view of customers, enabling hyper-relevant consumer experiences. A strong cross-channel data framework uncovers optimization insights that inform budgeting, targeting and audience engagement strategies.


Target through Real-Time Audience Segmentation

We blend first- (online/offline), second- and third-party data to create audience segmentation based on thousands of pre-determined attributes, in real-time. As a result, our clients break through the clutter with relevant ads that fuel retention, reactivation and cross-sell/up-sell.


Deliver Personalized, Relevant Experiences

Communicating with consumers on a 1:1 level is vital to turning intent into conversion. We employ cross-channel consumer insights—informed by data integration—to deliver highly personalized messaging across paid and owned assets.

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